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  1. Not sure how Nike's is but Callaway has the best customer service around.... If that pretty important to you....
  2. A buddy and I had been planning a trip to play at pebble a few years from now. After watching the US Open, I think I will just settle for watching a Tournament there.
  3. Anybody else experiencing this in their area's?? I was wondering why I was getting e mails from our course offering free golf balls with a round and lots of other promotions. Guess I know now. 500 to 1000 courses may close by 2015 according to the National Golf Foundation. Wow!!!! http://www.fresnobee.com/2010/05/15/...play-to-a.html "Golf managers are getting creative as their industry tries to rebound from a recession that sent rounds and revenues into a sand trap. For a sport that's not exactly cheap, both public and private courses in the Valley are using aggressive pricing
  4. Watched the movie "A Gentleman's game" on Golf Channel the other day. I gotta say, disappointed. Really bad movie. Didn't expect the teen lust, child porn, racial innuendo. Golf kinda took a back seat to the terrible story. Didn't see how it was a Golf Channel worthy movie.
  5. We are in our 30's and late 20's. I was dressed in the usual golf attire while my buddies brothers were a little more dressed down. If you didn't know his brothers you might think twice about letting them borrow your car just by how they look but the guys golf a great game (better than me). Pissed me off more than anyone else I guess.
  6. First off, I shot a great round today at a course I have never been to. Course was nice, the staff was Terrible. Not sure if I can say the name of the course on here but it all started on the second tee. My foursome was about to tee off when the guy blowing the green slams on his brakes about 30 feet behind our carts making it sound like an accident was about to happen. Then as we were starting the back nine, (27 hole course, they choose which ones for you to play) we hear over the loud speaker "Your on the wrong hole, you start on the oaks course." An old man with a clip board comes up
  7. Dealt with Them through e mail to get a putter cover. They asked for my address, then told me to allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. The day after I received the e mail my cover arrived. Callaway, Taylormade, will always have a loyal customer. Anyone know how Ping is on CS?
  8. So I was doin a little digging today. Well I live in the valley and apparently driving ranges have not been too successful around here. The place I was looking at is near two prisons and a state hospital roughly around close to 10,000 state workers. (So far the research has been totally fascinating) There used to be a golf course near by that was pretty successful "back in the day" but has been closed for some time. At one point the course had a deal with the prison near by to have prisoners do all the up keep but the state realized they were putting out money to provide free labor. The
  9. We have 3 golf courses with ranges within 7 miles of us right now. One range looks like you are hitting into a paintball field, another range you cant see where your balls land cause they have never watered it, and the best one has a big ditch on the left side and you can only tell how far you hit it if you hit it near the markers. In my head, this thing is going to be everything a golfer wants in a range.
  10. A few guys at work and I were talking about buying a decent piece of land locally and building a respectable golf range. Anyone know the cost to build one of these? Up keep? There is a town about 30 min from here with no course and no range near by, and the town is full of correction officers and other law enforcement and we figure it would be a great place to stick a range. Any range owners out there?
  11. I was just looking through a bucket in the garage and found a bunch of old ones with what I assume is Japanese writing on them. Pretty old.
  12. He is 55. Doesn't play much anymore, would love to inherit his clubs but he is a righty. Has a bag full of old clubs.
  13. Found this in my dads old golf bag. Bristol "Backspin Wedge"
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