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  1. Single Length Irons?

    Thanks for all the comments. I realize change is always hard but single length, lie and weight make so much sense to me. I am going to build a set of Value Golf clubs and see what happens. As improve I may go back to normal but who knows. I think it will be better for learning the overall game. Which in my opinion and observance needs a lot of help. In my other hobbies that required learned skills it was easy to find groups to help you with the skills and drills to improve them. Businesses that the hobby supported held seminars and workshops covering all aspects. Trying to find help, other than paid lessons, is impossible, at least in my area.
  2. Single Length Irons?

    Thanks for the response! I do know that and played with some used clubs just to see if the idea was worthy and I think it is. I am at the range or in the back yard at the net everyday when I am not out of town or if it is duck, deer or turkey season. Sometimes twice a day. I am now looking into building a custom set of Value Golf components. Their lies and weights are the exact same for all irons wedges and hybrids. We shall see.
  3. Single Length Irons?

    Thanks Dave. I totally know what you mean about the lie angles. I was worried about that, which is why I only spent $65 on a couple of hodge podge bags of clubs. I ended up with Wilson C100s heads and a hole pile of true temper 100gm low kick shafts from the other clubs. However they are surprising good except for the 9 iron. I know some irons can have the lie adjusted a little. I was just playing with the concept because no one around here had a set I could try out. Thanks again.
  4. I am new to playing golf, I have been playing at it for 30 years, mostly to fill a foursome or pay for a tournament, now, new girlfriend, new hobby to focus on. Wanting to know what you all think of single length irons. It makes total sense to a new player. I purchased a grab bag of clubs off of CL and made me a set of irons 4-9, all the length of around 6 iron. 37.5". I can say my consistently has really improved. I know this was tried by a manufacturer a couple decades ago with no one really catching on. Now there are major brand name irons available with standard length shafts. My distance changes were none to slight. Actually, they are better because they are more consistent. Look forward to hearing what you think.
  5. Lexi Thompson's 4 Stroke Penalty at the ANA

    I have seen several of you say that this did not hurt the viewership or desire for people to play golf. I think you need to ask people who just watch golf or have not played or just started playing and you will find it does. Having played only socially for 20 years and seriously only a year I can tell you it really bothered me. The people I was watching it with all talked about how negative it was. In fact where I was, we were there to watch the PGA and LPGA, changed the channel on all the tv's. Ridiculous actions are not appreciated or tolerated.
  6. Lexi Thompson's 4 Stroke Penalty at the ANA

    Golf took another hit against its growth this weekend. Emailing in the next day a penalty? Who knows that the person who emailed in was not an anti-Lexi fan? (they exist in every sport, even golf) They could have waited to and saw her success. OK, let's say there was no conspiracy. To the rest of the world, those people we all hope join and play golf, it is laughable, unbelievable. We realize golf is a self-policing sport but this has to be changed, if we want to grow. If she was back 8 strokes and that put was not shown, no one would have known. What she did no way gave her an advantage. Sad day for golf. At the beginning of golf's premier week.