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  1. To golfers who score in the 70s - What's your story?

    Ive played golf for 5 years now started in my first year at varsity. Played around once every two months for the first 4 years and slowly building up equipment. Started playing seriously the last 8 months, practice and play around 3-4 times a week. Started consistently playing in the high seventies in the 4th month. Here are my keys to achieving that: 1. Consistent driving, hitting at least 8/14 fairways. 2. GIR: Hitting at least 6 GIR's. 3. Most important thing: Watched tonnes of videos on the swing and worked very hard on the range at takeaway drills, rotation and making a commited swing every time. 4.After getting frustrated with struggling to consistently make a good swing I sat down and had a good look at what my swing flaws were, tried to correct it and after a while I found all the work had paid of and I could only have one swing thought and swing away positively. The only thought I have is to take the club away straight and low from there I rotate around my spine and make sure to swing through up to the picture perfect pose. 5. Confidence and Trust (Mental Game): After finding and feeling what I should do with the full swing I found that confidence and trust in doing what you know is correct will give you good results most of the time. I developed the attitude on the course that I was going to hit that target and focused everything on that target. Whenever I had doubt whether it be my takeaway, the yardage or the lie I stepped away and told myself that you know you can do it now believe it. If I doubted a swing more often than not I would not pull it off. 6. Going lower seventies to scratch: I believe my long game at the moment is nearly there, but the short game that needs work includes: Getting it within 6 feet from 30-100 yards 50-70% of the time, this will ensure a par save on a wayward drive and birdies on the short par 4's and par 5's. Putting: The aim is to hole more putts from 5m in. Chipping and bunker play: Get up and down 60 % of the time should do it.