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  1. "Get off the sticks" means "get off the video game controller, it's my turn to play."
  2. Well it was noticeably swollen for about a year. I have a picture somewhere if I find it I'll put it up. It was actually pretty dumb... my dad and I were hitting golf balls back and forth to each other, probably a bad idea to begin with, and a ball he hit was sailing over my head. I decided to throw my iron up in the air as if I could knock it down. Clearly this would be nearly impossible but the ball managed to hit off the club face and ricochet to my face. Didn't actually hurt that bad.
  3. I've been hit in the face once. Right between the eyebrows above the bridge of the nose.
  4. At least you don't have to completely stop because of the winter. I won't play a round of golf again until late March.
  5. So the swing analysis here is worthless?
  6. I wasn't aware that anyone, aside from yourself, refers to you as that.
  7. As someone who has never taken a lesson and really wishes he did, I would say to stick with the lesson and commit 100% to what you are being taught. What kind of reputation does your instructor have? I wouldn't guess that you are "pissing away" money on the lessons.
  8. Exactly. I would also add to this that I try to make sure I don't over-extend myself and attempt a shot that is clearly not a good idea. Sometimes you have to settle for that extra stroke.
  9. I typically go for a straight shot but I do like to play a cut shot quite a bit. I can play it rather consistently and it has been successful for me. I never really try and play a draw and I will only try and play one, or a hook, if I really need to go around something.
  10. What he said exactly ^ If you post a swing video here a lot of people can take a look and help you out. Meanwhile, there is a plethora of information on this website and on the internet about the out-to-in swing path.
  11. I think he means on the outside of the ball. Same drill to quit coming over the top. Only speculation though.
  12. How many putts per round do you average? I personally average around 32-35 putts per round. If you don't know, start keeping this stat along with others such as GIR, Fairways hit, and Up and Downs.
  13. I take the same stroke as you and on the short putts I speed my tempo up a bit and shorten the back swing still keeping acceleration on my forward stroke. On short puts I don't finesse it in either so a soft touch for me isnt necessary. Granted I am not great putter averaging 32-35 a round. Best thing you can do is go practice these over and over. The biggest problem is the short downhill putts... you don't want to decel and cause a poorly hit putt to miss because you pull it, hit it off center, etc.
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