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  1. Catalonia is said to be one of the best places overseas to play golf. When is the best time to go and what resort would you all recommend? Just looking for advice really as I want to escape come spring time.
  2. The Sugar Industry

    I'm no expert but I'm personally very skeptical about no-carb, no-fat and other "no this and that" diets. I think there is no need to cut anything from the diet as long as everything is in moderation. In excess, even water is apparently harmful. Also, I believe that it's very important to properly distribute meals during the day - starting the day with a big breakfast and end the day with a light dinner, and not the other way around like most people usually do (including myself).
  3. Losing Weight and Playing Golf

    Unfortunately, there are no quick or easy solutions. It takes a lot of strong will and discipline, and what is the most important of all - you need to stick to the changed diet and exercise routine in the long term. As soon as you return to your 'old' eating and (no)exercise habits, all lost pounds will slowly but surely return. Personally, I think that it is crucial for the diet not to be too restrictive and to actually like what you eat. If you don't, you will sooner or later give up.
  4. Golf clubs for school

    I agree Buckeyebowman. It all comes down if your son is serious about golf or if it could be just another fad. If you (or him) aren't sure yet, it may be a good idea to borrow the clubs for the time being.