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  1. Breaking 100

    Still in the 100 club have been out countless times now since my last post, had some terrible rounds with some fantastic shots, that's why we go back out to emulate the great shots put them together and hope to make a good round, out soon for 9 holes so it is not going to be today
  2. Are you a Better Golfer than a Year Ago?

    Feel as though I am a better golfer, and scores have come down, but not to where I would like them to be but I think most golfers say the same. Love the game but at times don't think the game loves me or are they just my poor shots ,oh well off in a bit the try and break the 100 will let you know.
  3. Breaking 100

    It's a goal for me shoot around 102 too 110 so very inconsistent, starting to realise that playing the wright shot from the wrong place is what I need to do, like a 3 iron from the ruff round the tree to the lake, instead of a nice 7 back to the fairway and leave the bad shot behind you all your comments have been very helpful so going out in about 30 minutes to shot 98. Bye