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  1. It is as is. It is not an armlock putter. I bought it used for $35. Want to modify and try.
  2. Hi everyone, Well my screen name is how bad a putter I am. I would like to try armlock putting and I have a 43" Taylor Made Ghost Manta long putter. I am 5'6" and would like to have it modified to try it. Any input on how much it has to be bent and weights etc. Thank you.
  3. I bought a Superstroke 3.0 and put it on my Ping Anser 4 putter when I was in Phoenix golfing last year. I found it really big (I have small hands) and maybe I should have bought the 2.0 I wore glasses for the first time last round so I think it helped and I been trying some new things to get ready for the golf season next year.
  4. I putted better but I still need a lot of work. I gave up counting putts after the 3rd hole. Had about 3 putts and I missed some 1 1/2 footers. But I had some knee knockers that were slam dunks right in the center. I shot 107 and probably had about 48 putts. It was my first round with the Seemore putter and I'm not too discouraged because I'm going to stick with this one. Been experimenting with a wider stance, crouching more and a somewhat split grip with my left hand someone right at the top of the grip. I'm sure on my takeaway I don't get the putter low to the ground which I have been working on. Thanks very much for your tips.
  5. 119 at Cordova Bay in Victoria, B.C. Canada
  6. This is about my 15th putter in 21 years of golf and I hope this will be the last one. I call myself "Cement hands" because putting is a real liability to me. I put a label on my putter that says "no cement hands surgeon hands only." I 4 putted a couple of times of Friday so you know I am a real bad putter with multiple 3 putts too. I got the Seemore FGP mallet because it was milled, decently priced and a center shaft putter that I never had (well a newer one because I have a center shaft bullseye, yes I putted left with this bullseye). Although my golf is pretty much done (NFL and NCAA football just around the corner), I tried it on the putting green and on the living room carpet and I like what I see. I like the feel and my putting seems to be a lot better (practice green only). The alignment aid seems to work and this is the shortest (33") putter I ever had. Hope this one works!
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