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  1. I contacted Vice and they responded with: The Pro Neon and Flamingo are variants of the Pro balls. They're basically the same ball because they have the same composition composition and characteristics though you're right on the compression. See compression rates below. Compression Pro/Neon 95 Flamingo 80
  2. I want to be a monkey! Lol Ive been guilty of a lot of overthinking and recently have been focusing on removing it when Im on the course. I definitely cannot list 17 swing faults and the drills to fix them, but I will meticulously watch videos of proper swings and compare to my own. From just seeing the differences I can make the adjustment, rinse and repeat. This did give me a large pile of swing thoughts and adjustments until ingrained. I typically stand over the ball at address for 3-4 seconds running through the top 2-3 before starting the backswing. (I balance that delay to my group by no
  3. Just wanted to update a little on this, as Vice's website used to not show compression ratings and some of the balls seemed identical other than the decals. I was kinda sad when I found out the flamingo balls are not the same as the Pro, really wanted those. From a response I got on their facebook page, compressions are: Drive - 90 Tour - 90 Pro - 95 Pro Plus - 85 Flamingo - 80 Neon - ? They didnt list, maybe same as Flamingo?
  4. I want to understand and make educated decisions on equipment and swing. I firmly believe in having a solid understanding of the fundamentals of anything you want to excel at. Good, not lucky. Study doesnt scare me, I will definitely read through that post. Thank you. My driver is straightened out, and I'm ecstatic! On my simulator, I hit 24/25 shots within 15 yards of my target line while swinging 95%ish. I want to understand why. I made a shaft change opposite of all the internet golf knowledge and it worked perfect. I do not think I am a unique butterfly and exempt, so I am try
  5. So I am having some shaft confusion. I've read all over the internet and forums to always error on the side of a "softer" shaft, and that the majority of men are hitting shafts that are too stiff for them. I also read that the effects of too stiff of a shaft are low shots to the right and too soft of a shaft are high draws. This mechanically doesn't make any sense to me, unless your highest point of acceleration is well before impact. From golf.about.com, "The ball may tend to draw a bit more from the forward bending of the shaft at impact causing the face to rotate past square to be slightly
  6. I picked up a set of 1Irons, 3-LW, a couple years ago and I love them! I love the consistent swing and confidence pulling out any of my clubs. I have no issue with club gapping as Ive read in the comments above, pretty static 10-15ish yards between clubs. Im still getting better and trying to nail down my club distances better, but Im never too far off when selecting a club. As for distance, my 3 is going around 215 and my 7 around 165. Not amazing but consistent contact is worth more to me at my level. They were a little tough to use at first as I had a crap swing, but I figured I could eithe
  7. Hello all, new member from Nevada. I am 36 now and started playing golf somewhere around 20ish in college, but it was primarily a vehicle for friends and heavy drinking. I recently ( 2years or so) started trying to get back into golf. I am very athletic and have always excelled at sports, but golf has been extremely frustrating and humbling. My wife says I overthink everything also lol, but Im an engineer and love(need) data. I have a inexpensive simulator at home that has helped facilitate that. I think Im finally getting to a solid swing and still progressing, and the rest is mental. My aver
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