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  1. I have the Medicus 460CC hinged driver. I take it out when I feel I'm getting too over aggresive when teeing off which usually results in a slice or a hook...which is my hands getting ahead of my hips...To me the club makes sure you don't rush either your back swing or down swing.....what I also like about the club is you can actually drive the ball with it...after a few swings my pace slows down forces me to use my lower body more which is my main problem...I like the club it's one of my better golf gadgets...hope this has been helpful..
  2. Hello all ...I'm a new guy...started playing this game about 4 years ago..I was one of those naysayers who would never play golf because it was boring and for the elite yuppie snob...Well a couple of friends of mine started playing I would say 6-7 years ago and they finally talked me into playing...my uncle God rest his soul was an avid golfer who when I was about 16 showed me some basics ( grip, stance,ball placement, swing)...so when I started I was using all his 20-30 year old equipment...Taylor Made Bubble Driver and 3 wood..Ambassador (by Mac Gregor I believe irons) and and original Ping putter (which I still use)....I've upgraded since then...so when I first started playing I noticed what I learned all those years ago from uncle put me in a place with my game that was better than what my friends who had been playing for 6-7 years were doing...they were amazed that I could do what I did without a lesson ...now don'the get me wrong I wasn't anywhete near a legit golfer...but I realized none of them were either...my handicap is a legit 32-33...I've broken 100 twice..once from the whites and believe it or not once from the tips...I like playing and I'm now at a point where breaking 100 everytime is becoming a reality..but it seems there is always those one or two holes that I implode on and I will wind up with 105,106...etc...I've gotten better getting up...but now the putting factor is killing me...on in 3 on a par 4 and walk off with 6....frustrated and having a difficult time controlling my emotions at myself ( the I suck syndrome)...hoping by joining this site I can pick up some things that will help...my go to tool is Ben Hogan's 5 Lessons which has helped ...but not everyone is Ben Hogan...
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