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  1. Anyone else struggle when playing with friends?

    i used to be that way too until recently. id go out for a round with my friend (we play at least once a week). and shoot mid to upper 80's (usually bogey golf). I'd tell him about times i went out after work and shot 37 and 39 on nine a couple times. Well yesterday we went and played 18 at our local course. Front nine i was awful shooting a 47 (looked at my scorecard and saw a lot of Doubles!). Play on the front was extremely slow too which may have been why i wasnt playing well. but when we made the turn i was playing a lot better! shot a 39 on the back with birdies on 10 & 16 (never had 2 birdies in a round before). i think rather than trying to beat your friend, if you push them to do better and they do the same it makes for a better playing atmosphere.
  2. Golf in Cape Cod

    i played Dennis Pines 2 years ago. solid course. i travel out to the cape about once a year (since i was a child), and only managed to play once. im more of a beach guy though...
  3. Course Web Sites

    yea, im in South Hadley...i work in chicopee
  4. Course Web Sites

    my friend designed and built the website for one of our local courses... what do you think? http://www.westovergolfcourse.com/ it's definitely the best course website out of all the ones near us.
  5. what bag do you rock?

    These are my 3 bags... (Latitude is my current bag, the other 2 i gave to my dad and brother)
  6. Thread 47256

    Nike actually has good customer service. A friend of mine had a pair of 2010 Air Max 360's. Her air chamber in the sneaker broke, she contacted nike and they said to send them in. About 2 weeks later she got a check from Nike for the full retail value of the shoes (i believe it was $120). She had had them for almost a year, and didnt pay full price for them. That sounds like pretty good customer service to me!
  7. What'd You Shoot Today?

    shot an 88 yesterday...Not my best effort, struggled on the front 9 with a 47, but finished good with a 41 on the back.
  8. Golf Galaxy!?

    Fran Johnson's in West Springfield?
  9. Ping Anser 2 ...Newbie question

    it looks like a club used for "fitting", just by the way the grip is. is it a two-piece shaft? maybe for height adjustments? just my two cents worth...
  10. JACKPOT at Play It Again...

    yea, he told me he got an email this morning saying they had canceled his order.
  11. JACKPOT at Play It Again...

    i didn't get a deal...but my co-worker got the deal of all deals today. He bought taylormade R9 tp irons on amazon for $112.00! yes. ONE HUNDRED TWELVE DOLLARS!!!

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