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  1. Played in everything from snow on the fairways to 105 degree heat and humidity. The heat isn't what gets you in the south, it's the humidity. Just hang in there, don't let it keep you from playing!
  2. I would recommend the 09 burner as well, however I just got one for Christmas this year, and the head shattered. I sent it back to TaylorMade almost a month and a half ago and haven't heard anything back from them at all...then again this could be Dick's Sporting Goods problem as well, however I don't believe I will be purchasing many items form taylormade in the future. I would look at rockbottomgolf.com and callaway preowned. Both are great!
  3. I actually have an Agile LP Copy the 2000 model I believe. Real sturdy guitar with good electronics for the price. Actually been looking to sell it because I've been at school and haven't had time/room for an electric and amp and just keep my acoustic on hand.
  4. I finally got lessons two weeks ago, and I've been working on swinging In to Out instead of Out to In which was causing me some distance issues and giving me a pretty bad slice. My instructor showed me a couple of drills but I was wondering what has worked for you guys as well as even with the drills I still seem to be struggling. The first drill he showed me was to set up an upside down range basket to the back right of the ball so if I did "come over the top" I would hit the basket. The other thing we did was line up the range balls with their lettering to the inner left of the ball where I
  5. 1)Tiger Woods -6 2)Ian Poulter -5 3)Tommy Biershank -3
  6. I'm not a good golfer, but in other sports I've played in the past, only playing/practicing once a week your not going to really see a big improvement or get in a groove. I would honestly say whichever one you can do more of. If you can go to the range three times a week vs play once a week do that. If there is a par 3 course nearby try and do that one day instead of the range to work on short game if that's an issue, etc. Just my 2 cents though.
  7. Just realized there was a Fitness and Exercise section to the forum. Today was Bi's and Shoulder's day for me so... 3x8 Hammer Curls 3x10 Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3x10 Bicep Curls on Resistance Machine 3x10 Lat Pulldowns 3x10 Concentration Curls 3x10 Shoulder Press Captain's Chairs until burnout. Will start posting up some weights next time, couldn't remember and can't remember where my notebook is. Also walked 9 today and got in a range session this morning.
  8. Hey guys a few quick questions. 1)I am currently playing some old supersteel burners however the black part on the hosel on some of the clubs is coming detached on a few of the clubs and when I hit the club it sounds almost dead. If the black part on the hosel of older clubs begins coming undone is it time to get some new clubs? It's not really worth paying for them to be fixed so I was just wondering if this was okay. 2)I'm looking for something fairly cheap with a bit better forgiveness. Would I notice a big difference in forgiveness between my old supersteel burners and a newe
  9. ezlinks.com has some good discount tee times as well.
  10. Just joined Evolvr!!! Will keep everyone updated with my swing when I start getting some analysis back and begin to "Evolve"! haha
  11. Henrik Stenson looking good, just got to 6 under.
  12. I'm a student at the University of South Carolina double majoring in Accounting and Finance. Currently interning doing SharePoint design.
  13. #1: Keegan Bradley -11 #2: Tiger Woods -10 #3: Phil Mickelson -7
  14. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone again for the replies. I have been working on the things aforementioned and have shot consecutive rounds under 100!
  15. 96 at my home course. Felt pretty good today, just had one blow-up hole. Other than that I'm really beginning to see improvements and my practice time is def. starting to pay off!
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