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  1. Chambers bay is well worth the walk. The views are spectacular and the course presents a challenge. Walking only or with caddy service.
  2. Chambers bay, site of the 2015 Us open with a few of my friends sizing up the par 3 15th. Hole 15 (Lone Fir) – This short par 3 plays from an elevated tee and is fully exposed to the prevailing wind, making club selection critical. The well-defended green slopes from left to right. Standing watch in the distance, the Lone Fir is the only tree on the course. I always wanted to play Anaconda. Nice shot of those signature bunkers
  3. Course conditions would play into it, but I prefer a full swing when I can so a 56 at that distance would be my choice.
  4. Great topic, I was at the range trying to figure some shot shape issues and I'm thinking about basic posture and my consistency in my shots. From the pics and vids I think I may be reaching a bit. Here is a pic at address with the driver. Any thoughts just chime in.