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  1. Played last night, and hit my best round ever of 85 ... def seeing some improvement, but still the consistency needed View this round on GAME GOLF Also, played at the weekend on a nearby course with a society and took top spot with 36 .. admittedly, am playing off 28 with them ... but I will take the win
  2. Sounds like the "support" from Game Golf is getting better .. however, why is the app still so shockingly bad, not picking up shots, losing GPS signal etc .. however, just using the Live device on its own and tagging, seems to be faultless
  3. That is a great website ....it determined that the actual distance (according to those figures) was 232 yds, and with reduce spin (2200), around 246 ... interesting
  4. Just wondered, if I produced around 1000 less spin on the last shot, what distance gain would that equate to. From what I understand, with that spin (3209), the ball tends to climb, and the preferred spin rate people advise is around 2200I ask, as I am still contemplating replacing my driver (Ben Ross Type R), with something newer, and hopefully that generates less spin .... but wondered, if I would gain much more distance?
  5. By puck, I mean the GG device on your belt. That is what I am now using, but without the GG app running on the phone
  6. There are other, free, apps that will do that much better than game golf, I now just use the puck and review after the round I use hole 19 when on the course for distances etc
  7. I have given up on using the actual app, apart from after I have finished my round, and to just upload. In my previous post, I noted that it is still not registering my shots, when the app is open and paired, but using the puck on its own, it seems to be fine for an after round review and stats
  8. Well, it is still not good ... with the registering of the shots anyway, cannot confirm about the battery, as switched it off after 2 shots. Hole 19 will do for now for the distances, might upgrade eventually to something like shotscope V3 .. but for now, it gives me the results I need Question .. what do people do about a penalty on the course. Do you remember it and add it after the round, or bleep the puck once or twice (depending on the penalty)
  9. Have been using Game Golf Live, in classic mode for the past 20 games, and has been good to be able to record my game and review afterwards, thought last night I would try using the app again (on android) as well, to see if would get the same problems as before, seeing as just using the puck had been working fine So, switch the puck on, load the app, make sure they are connected, get to first tee .. tag my driver, hit away .. go to my bag, no shot recorded on the app (however, the puck did vibrate and beep). Get to my next shot, tag the 8 iron, beep and vibrate again ... still no shot recorded on the app. Decided at this point, to close the app, and just use the puck in classic mode ... when I got home, everything was recorded as before Really do not understand why there is so many probs with the app. I will carry on using the GG in Classic mode, but will prob use Hole 19 for on course data ... so frustrating
  10. Still not where I wan't to be, but after a few lessons, starting to see an improvement in my game in terms of consistency and shot selection. If I had not blobbed hole 2 and 3, would have been a different score line. Positives though, I took some cash (£15), off my other 3 players .. (HCP, 21, 18 and 8), by winning the back 9 and sharing the overall score with the 8 HCP View this round on GAME GOLF Edit : Also, how do you post that game golf score/course rather than just the link like I have done
  11. thanks Dennyjones, I did not realise those at the top were clickable .. makes a bit more sense now. Not the easiest thing to navigate
  12. That's what confuses me, you seem to only be able to do last round v 3 rounds, or handicap (25) v 3 rounds, and not a case of handicap v 1 rounds
  13. I dug my game golf out again on Sunday, I tried it before (with the app on the phone), but it was never reliable ... so put it away. After reading some of the info, I decided to just use it in classic mode, which seemed to work fine, and allowed me to review my round afterwards. Anyway, my query is ..... how do you interpret the info? As you can see from the attached, in the top screen (grey) I have set to compare against 25 HCP, which then shows me my strokes gained, however, in the lower screens (approach the green etc), the legend shows 25 HCP and 3 rounds ..... but is that also showing my stats/details? But why over 3 rounds and not the last round Hope that makes sense
  14. I like to use the App to be able to get distances, obstacles etc
  15. Hoping there are a few people here who are using Game Golf Live, and can advise, as I was getting well frustrated on the course yesterday. I am still fairly new to using Game Golf, got it gifted 6 months ago, but only now been playing with it Anyway, on the course yesterday, just could not get it to work stable. Switched on the Game GPS Unit, it started flashing, then bleeped, white light flashing then paired it with the game golf app on the phone. It showed my location, so thought off we go .... tag'd my first club the GPS Puck, flashed and vibrated, briefly saw the app show 1 shot, before it went back to 0 ..... took my shot anyway, go to the next shot, again, showed my location, tag'd my club, again same vibrate .. but still no register showing on the phone. Checked the GPS unit, their seemed to be no lights on, however, it was still registering my location At this point, I ended the round, quit the app, switched off the puck, and then tried to reconnect it all again .... it seemed to go through the same as above ... at this point, got annoyed and switched it off for the round, as it was to distracting So, just wondered, what process / order do people use to get their Game Golf connected correctly. Do you switch on the puck first, the app .. .what order is this done in
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