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  1. At the same time I am thinking my there is some kind of PC Software I could run on my notebook and just use an USB cam ?
  2. My pro uses some video system with 2 cameras where I can view my swing on some monitor where also a swing plane. Cameras track from behind and the side. When doing lessons with him he tells me to slowly follow the plane sometimes. This and seeing myself on the screen helps a lot with everything. After some time my body seems to forget this plane and other stuff. I was wondering if there is an app for the iphone that does the same? I know there are many apps which can record. But I am not sure if there apps which show a live view where you can draw a swing plane ? My idea is to send the video information to apple TV and finally to a TV screen. Theoretically with 2 iphones and 2 screens you could even do a 2 cam setup. I think I found something which will do this. https://www.liveviewgolf.com/shop/ Looks great.
  3. I talked to my pro about this. He confirmed I got a one plane swing. He told me his not forcing anybody in a plane. But he prefers using this plane for amateurs since he thinks its more easy to learn. So actually I use the plane I learned from him.
  4. I did a recording of my swing yesterday with some golf swing analyzer app. The viewport was from behind so I could see the swing plane. After recording I was comparing my swing with some other players videos. In the videos I compared there were to lines. One for the backswing which was a lot steeper and one for the downswing that was more shallow. What I noticed with my swing that the downswing plane is very similar to the videos but the upswing plane is not at all. Actually my downswing is just a tiny bit flatter then my upswing and the upswing is very shallow compared to the other players. I really tried to change this but I could not do it at all. Then I realized there is actually a name for this kind of swing and other successfull golfers seem to use this. In my opinion if you don't know you swing like this it leads to some problems when following instructions. There was instructions like "On the downswing you have to swing from inside out and lower your plane and let your arms fall". I tried this again and again and it did not make any sense to me. Now I know I was already swinging on the correct plane. I don't have to do anything. This also explains I never had a big problems with slices and was always hitting pretty straight. But I had problems with good ball contact. I think the setup position for the one swing plane should be a little different from what I read. I just ordered a book which compares the two swing thoughts. Does anybody else seem to swing on a one plane ?
  5. At what position do actually start accelerating ? I do it like that. 1) Hip / shoulder turn which drops the hands 2) When the shaft is parallel to the ground I start accelerating with my arms. I also tried using my left and right hands/wrists at the very last moment. But it seems I do not gain anything from this. The combination of hip, shoulder rotation and my arms seem to give me the most speed. Hip rotation ads something but I in my case the arms seem to be responsible for most of the speed. But I know I have stronger arms than core probably. So this might differ from person to person.
  6. @MarvChamp I think for y 72 year old this is very good as far as I can tell. And you are right about the irons. It does not really matter how far they go. Its more important that they are consistant.
  7. I can hit the ball pretty solid now slowley (when I have a good day). And I can swing the club without the ball fast enough for a start. Both together does not work yet ;) This just takes some more time I guess. The main thing is I finally enjoy playing on the court after all those frustrating fat shots, thin shots driver misses. I really concentrated on my swing mechanics, took lessons and practised a lot on the range (which most people do not seem to do). I changed my swing all the time and optimized things. While this was very frustrating at times and I felt that I was starting all over again, its starting to pay off now.
  8. My pro is focussing on inside out all the time. Its his favourite topic which he focussed on from the beginning. He is showing me this on video all the time and explains my swing path. So I actually understood pretty early how not to slice. This is the only problem I never really had ;) And this is really something you cannot learn "online" in my opinion. And if a slice occurs (very seldom) I know how to solve it. Actually I am working on how to hit some nice draws now. You are right about the lag. Even if its extrem the wrist should still be loose. My main problem is still hitting fat from time to time. But it got much better. Adding lag also helps a lot with the fat shots in my case.
  9. Ok. I just added 5mph to swing iron 6 swing. So I am at around 82mph max for my iron 6 now. 1) I read some info where people said one should accelerate the arms very late in the down swing. While this is correct I did this too late. Close to impact already. This way the club could not gain enough speed that way. Now I already start pulling with my left arm earlier but still some time after my weight shift and body rotation starts. I would say the way I did it before was at around 80% before impact. Now I am at 50% before impact from the start of my dowswing. 2) I bought a Swingdyde training tool three days ago. This forces me to add tons of lag to my swing. I feel the lag this way is very extreme. But I tried it with the max lag I could do and that added another couple of mph. 3) I tried to to put some weight on the left side of my right foot and not move the right leg at all. This added another little bit of mph and felt way more stable than before. The biggest thing with this improvements is that I can reach this speed not only when swinging with max effort but also when swinging quite loose. I am quite positive about this whole thing now. Probably I will add another 3-5 mph in the next month with some further swing optimizations. This would give me around 85mph for my iron 6 and around 95mph-100mph for my driver. I will never be a long hitter. But this proves that it is really possible to add some distance just with the right technique and some changes. Proper driver fittng will probably also add some yards later on. And of course I have to learn to hit it dead center now ;)
  10. I have one of those swing speed radar devices. I am trying little tweaks like more wirst hinge, more stable body, the swoosh drill (helps a lot). All this gives me some gain in speed. I have not done any body exercises yet. Max speed for iron 6 is around 77mph. For the driver its around 90mph. I don't expect that I can gain something 20mph. I think some of this speed is just given. But something like 5mph-10mph would be really great as this would get me in the area of average golfers swing speed. I am playing for a year now. I was wondering if you guys did improve over the years or not at all? If yes by how much ? Or were you fast from the beginning on ? Did practise speed drills ? Or does time just make the body looser and builds up certain muscles ? Thanks...
  11. This makes perfectly sense. As a piano player for example you never would practise a tune at full speed. If you would do this you never would learn to play it. You would focus on a certain aspect (just right hand first)) and practise this at 30% speed until 100% perfect. Then you would practise the other hand. Than both hands together. If this works out 100% you would add a little speed and play it at 40%. I was doing this totally wrong in golf. What I did I do? I hit 100 balls the same way with full power and was hoping this would change something. Somehow I thought the more balls I hit the better I would get. And of course I thought I have to swing at full power so my distance would increase. And its totally correct. What you cannot do at slow speed you cannot do at full speed at all. Actually my pro even told me to practise slowley. But I somehow did not really get it. Actually he told me from the first lesson on "don't swing to hard!". But I did not believe him. I did somehow improve but actually it was wasted time and energy now that I think about it. Focussing on certain issues and practising slowley gave me a very big boost. Of course you can and should add "power" drills and hit at full speed. But not 100% of the time. Most people I see on the range do just that. Hit some balls at the same speed and swing as hard as possible. No drills, no tempo changes nothing. Look at the big guys like Woods when they are doing warm ups at the range. They swing extremly slow and seem to focus on something.
  12. I am not talking about 5mph here but probably around 50mph (with 7 iron) and probably 60mph with the driver. My max regular speed will probably be around 75mph with iron and 85-90mph with the driver. So its not super slow motion but just an very easy swing. I think the main difference is that I don't to try hit at the ball this way. I am just lifting the club slowely and let it go. My turn is very slow at the moment. As soon as I speed this up everything else will speed up. I will try going faster later.
  13. Yes I have to start slow and accelerate when coming closer to impact. But this is my next step. The key is not to rush the downswing and waste all the energy at the beginning. When I really have this down I will add more speed.
  14. Took this swing thought the court yesterday. I lost some yards with my drives. Other than that I was way better with any club. Even with the putter. Swinging slow and always with the same tempo really puts you in some relaxed state of mint which makes the playing much more fluent. Also when swinging slow I was able to see what caused my shots going wrong and can work on this on the range next time. When I was just smashing the ball I had no idea what was going wrong I just was trying harder and harder and it got more wrong. I also checked what the other players (high handicappers) were doing. I could see already during their practise swing if the ball was going to be OK or not. Whenever a player was doing an aggressive practise swing this meant he probably would miss the drive, slice it or whatever. Whenever he was doing it relaxed and fluent it seemed to work. To sum it up. Yes I am loosing (quite a lot of) distance with the drives. I would say at least about 30 yards since clubhead speed is not very fast. But in total I was gaining a lot since all those drives were straight and well hit. I was gaining more with hitting them straight and shorter than from hitting them far in the wrong direction or not hitting them at all. With the irons I played past the flag which never happend to me. My feeling was I was hitting them at least one club longer. if not more. This happend cause I hit them way more solid than before. I will continue to swing like that for some time now and than gradually will speed up the complete, fluent motion. This does not mean I will return to smashing the ball as far as I can or rush the swing.
  15. I was at the range today. Playing off the mats worked without problem. When I practised on the grass everything got much harder. I would say 50% of the shots were OK. The other had difference errors like shanks, slices, hitting fat, hitting thin etc. Some went very far most not. Some went left some went right... At the end of the session I did the swing which what I would describe as 40% of my usual power. This really felt extremly slow. And guess what happened? I hit around 90% of the balls perfectly. Very solid, no single slice, very straight. And the distance was not less compared to my 80% shots.. I would say if count all swings I hit those further than the balls I played with 80% of power. After training I measured my swing speed. All with my 7 iron and wrote down what I felt. This was with a low cost speed meter. So in reality it might be more. But this does not really matter now. My max speed is 75-80 mph. I would call this 100% 65 mph I feel as 80% of my power 50 mph I feel as 60% 45 mph I feel as 40%. This really feels ultra slow. Almost like slow motion. I think one roughly can say that 10mph less speed gives you around 20 yards less distance. When swinging with 45mph-50mph this would be 15mph less than what I would call a 80% feeling and actually I would consider this as very slow. 15mph will give me about 30yards less distance which is quite a lot. I had the feeling though that in reality the difference was much less than you would imagine. I was hitting those ultra slow balls pretty far since I hit those dead center and made great contact. I think I will continue practising very very slow and will only speed my swing up when I get the same consistency when swinging faster.. Does anybody else practise those ultra slow swings or even play like this on the court ? Actually I remember I played like his on the court once and it was my best round. I should mention that I play for around one year now...