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  1. I had major problems with tennis ellbow over the last couple of month. Used the "Corona" break to solve this issue and pretty much rested over the winter. I thought I was more or less pain free now. But when I started hitting golf balls the pain came back after hitting 25 balls (have to use a mat at the moment but this is soon going to change). What I was noticing is the insane amount of vibration when not hitting the ball in the sweetspot. I am using graphite shafts with the Cobra F9 (one length) already. My pro was handing me some Callaway Big Bertha (B21) irons for a test and those fe
  2. What kind of distance gaps would expect if you compare a soft ball with mid and hard compression balls. At 90mph swingspeed for example ?
  3. I just got fitted for Ping G400 LST driver with 11 degrees of loft. The fitter measured 90mph and told me I was hitting up on the ball what he liked a lot. My best strike was around 220 yards (carry) which I think equals my speed. I took the new driver to the course and was totally underwhelmed. I was carrying less then with my old cobra driver. Not more than 200yards. Most of the time much less. Went to the range today and hit some balls. Hit them around 190 yards. But those were yellow range balls. I measured around 90-100mph with my swing speed radar. But I am not sure if this is corr
  4. I practised chipping a lot recently. I try to shoot the ball near the beginning of the green so it rolls as much as possible. This works quite nicely. I practise distances from around 5m-10m with different clubs. We have just a chipping and no pitching green for practising at the moment. Today on the course I had to do some shots from around 10m-25m. I was using my 50 and 54 wedge. I tried to do the same. But when playing this distance the ball just stopped on the green and rolled maybe for 1m or even less. In this case my concept did not work anymore. Does this come from bigger swing sp
  5. I had a chance to try out the wedges today (just chipping) First I had to get used to them cause they went a little bit further then my Cobra sandwedge. But once I got used to them I had way better results than with the Cobra. The weight difference in the SW is actually 450g compared to the 400g on the Cobra. The slightly higher weight made me swing more consistent. Also the shorter size seemed to help a bit. Once I got used to it a had way better contact and spin. I just felt much more comfortable with those than with the Cobra. Just from looking down the club and swinging it gave much mor
  6. I agree with that. Also I don't really feel I need this additional wedge. I am just reading this in some books and see this in other players bags. Most people use either 3-4 wedges. I use 2 at the moment.
  7. The cobra GW would indeed be 50. I am still a beginner and my short game is far from being perfect. Probably this option would be best for now. I thought the Clevelands would do something "better". But this is probably not really the case. I will test them this evening and see how it goes. The F7 series is not available anymore though. Have to check the used market.
  8. I am playing a set of graphite Cobra F7 irons right now (1/2" longer than standard) The set contains a PW and SW. The PW has 45 and the SW 55 of loft. I was thinking to add a gap wedge and also had the impression I should buy dedicated wedges. So what I did is ordered some used Cleveland CBX wedges GW in 50, and SW in 54 loft. I am thinking of adding some lob wedge 58" later. I will keep the PW from my Cobra set. What I notice is the Cleveland wedges are a bit shorter (which should be OK) but I also way more heavy with their steel shafts then the other clubs. I still could return
  9. If you watch the pros I don't have the feeling there are super relaxed. Even the lady golfers seem to be very athletic and I have some tension in their body. I think this tension is really needed to get a stable posture. Still their swing ist very fluent. I think the thing is certain parts of the body have to be relaxed others not. In my experience shoulders, hips, wrist and arms should be relaxed. Core and hands should not be totally relaxed.
  10. Thanks. I tried going the youtube and internet advice route. Did not work at all. Lead to errors instead of solving them. Took regular lessons now in which we got rid of everything I teached myself wrong. I did everything me teacher taught me and still was casting. The last element was the grip. My pro told me 90% of his students grip too tight so he never thought about I could grip to loose. I found this out myself just trying different things. The problem is solved now. And make very clean contact and gained tons of distance. We also use video every time so I can clearly see its finally solv
  11. Yes this is what I did. And this way more firm than what I was used to.
  12. Understand. I was trying to leave everything as loose as possible. But this was leading to a lot inconsistency and loss of power I think.
  13. I think this is what the coach meant when he said you could get more power from a firmer body. I will try that. To sum it up 1) Hands tight (at least for me it feels tight) 2) Abs tight. 3) Rest relaxed
  14. Yes that's a basic problem in golf. Words do not really help as the feel is totally different between players. For Ben Hogan his light grip would be a very strong grip for me.
  15. I tried everything to get rid of my casting. My club head speed with an 7 iron was around 70mph. I tried everything the coach recommended. Nothing really helped. I could accelerate up to 75mph what this was not consistent at all. I had absolutely no control with that kind of speed. You know this advice "hold your club as you would hold a bird". To me this meant holding the club as light as possible. On a scale of 1-10 probably around 2. Just as much the club does not fly away. Everybody was telling me I should swing very relaxed and loose. When Hogan says something like that he probably h
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