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  1. PING - MAP

    4-pw, $875, graphite uw, sw, lw, $125 each, although there are now folks selling them for $112.50
  2. I've tried G400 irons, really like them but $1250 for a set is... significant. I understand retailers have to follow MAP requirements but that is an advertised price, not necessarily a selling price. Has anyone ever heard of a retailer selling under MAP? I am **NOT** ask what retailer or asking for names, don't want to know... rather, whether it happens or not. Thanks,
  3. There are, particularly with Ping, a rather large set of variables. And a large number of part options. PowerSpec irons, as I understand, are "hosel bent" to reduce the loft. Probably a bad description of what is done on my part but it, apparently, utilizes the cavity indentation near the heal/hosel. Imagine doubling the number of parts in a Ping demo area. Actually.... that's probably what they should do if they are going to offer it. Regardless, it's back to the fitter time I am afraid.
  4. Hitting it longer is, typically, a good thing. However, standard G400's as they are, will produce longer shots than 18 year old Titleist DCI's. Height.... apparently G400's hit "high" in their standard state. If I already hit high with my old beater clubs I really don't need higher (and higher and higher). I supposed I need to go back to the fitter with more questions...
  5. I found this buried on their site. I don't necessarily want to decrease spin as I hit my irons into the green and typically have no roll, just 2-6 feet of suck up. Works for me as I "high loft" my shots in. The boost in iron distance by decreasing loft might be beneficial but it looks like just going with standard vs "strong/power spec" would probably be fine. Opinions appreciated. Power Spec: A fitting option for players looking to boost their iron distance or decrease spin to hit a desired trajectory window. The Power Spec is a custom-designed loft configuration that delivers a power boost in a calculated fashion without sacrificing the integrity of the club’s design.
  6. I was fitted for G400 irons, lie, length, shaft, grip. An item that was left open was whether to have the irons set to "strong". Apparently this yields more distance and less loft. I already hit VERY high irons (old Titleist DCI's) and receive a boat load of verbal abuse about nose bleeds and seeding clouds. I play to about a 6. Nevertheless, is there a downside to going "strong" if there really isn't a quest for more height? Any opinions appreciated... Thanks !
  7. Are there any differences between the 2015 and 2016 version? Specifically, the head. Thank you !
  8. Newbie to the board. I play to a 6-7. I hit my brothers 907 D1 spec grid 67R in stiff. 10.5, and liked it. I leaked it a tad (NOT a slice) but when I get sloppy or tired it shows up. I acquired the same driver. I can keep up with most players (255-270) but I hit the driver high. Really high. I get 1-3 feet of roll. I hit my irons high as well. Really high. I know that I can move the ball back 4 inches on the driver and get lower flight a bit but am wondering that since I an older player... well set in my ways...whether just getting an 8.5 might be a better idea. Of course, finding an 8.5 is tough. Comments, opinions and insights appreciated.

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