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  1. geeezzz.... now.... when the driving range reopens... I need to bake a SMALL potato, fully cooked, and video tape it. Apologies as it will be a small potato fully cooked. Otherwise the club and my wrists will break. Regardless, the sound will be... wonderful..
  2. Empirical evidence has yielded predictable results. Cantaloupes are too highly dependent on ripeness plus the seeds get everywhere. Tomatoes just don't work, messy. Potatoes.... after 7 minutes in the microwave, very good to eat but still sound like cr@p. Regardless, the sound is still... fluffy, no click. I bought it from Callaway so I have to assume it's "real" vs counterfeit. Argh.... still sounds "weak".
  3. I tried out an Epic Flash driver. Most of the drivers I have hit, including my Callaway GBB, have a bit of a "click" to the sound. This Epic Flash sounded like I was hitting a baked potato. Just a flat "splat". Ball flew ok, good control, only average distance. Do all Epics sound like this? Thanks !!!
  4. I typically play a Callaway GBB, 9 degree driver, with an "old man Bassara" E42 Lite shaft because, well... I'm old. Regardless, today I tried using that same shaft on an Epic Flash 9 degree head. Same settings on the shaft. Two heads, same shaft. I hit several, ok, a lot of range balls. The results were.... "wonky", odd, but reasonably consistent. Ball flights were very similar EXCEPT.... with the Epic the ball got out there 80% of the way it then "knuckleballed" or appeared to. It really looked like it was a serious major league Phil Niekro knuckleball. The overall distance was about the same for either head. But the Epic flew very strange as the ball flight peaked. The range balls were clean. The weather consistent. If I went back to the GBB, no knuckleball at the end. Back to the Epic, knuckleball. Normally in baseball you would equate a knuckleball that "lack of spin", by definition. I assume.... this may be occurring here as well. The first 80% of the ball flights were not noticeably different. But to see a ball fly out most of the way and then noticeable move side to side, drop, seemingly randomly shudder in its flight is.... weird. What don't I get ?
  5. This is a complete club set of near new PING G400 irons. The irons are in excellent condition. Upgraded Winn Dri-Tac grips. Regular ALTA CB shafts. Red dot, 1 degree flat (can be adjusted). This is a 9 iron set, not the typical 8/7/6 iron set. $685 shipped. PM me with any questions. Thank you !
  6. One of my favorite idiots... only because is was soooo stupid... was a clown a couple foursomes ahead of us who was eating sunflower seeds. Being the moron he was/is, he spit the shells all over the greens. A complaint was registered about the 7th hole. It wasn't hard to figure out who it was as the last group with a clean green was followed by the clown. They were asked to leave the course and did.
  7. I went to the driving range yesterday. A guy shows up, gets balls, hits a few, then turns on his cell phone to play his favorite music, loud enough to be hear several spots away. I went over and briefly noted that it's disturbing me (and others who wouldn't say anything). He turned it off. Upon reflection, it's not exactly what he did that bothered me. It was his self absorbed attitude that he should be able to do anything regardless of others. Sadly, I find this more prevalent by the day. Simple common courtesy seems to be absent. Hummm.... maybe a brass band playing next to the 18th at the Masters is in the future?
  8. I felt a bit of angst at not buying them where I was fitted last year but they have made plenty on a long laundry list of other items from me. With taxes and shipping it would have been $1325, a bit of a hard pill. Regardless, just to verify lie on the new clubs, I put out some cardboard, scribbled an ink marker on the bottom of the club, hit off the cardboard and the skid pattern was centered on the bottom so all appears well. And the flight pattern at the range looks good so it's a thumbs up so far. Just have to remember that I'm playing shorter clubs. enjoy your AP1's !!!
  9. I had been through a fitting some time ago for Ping G400's, red dot, 1* flat. Just couldn't spring for the $1200 plus tax plus shipping (graphite AltaCB). Almost by accident I stumbled on a 9 iron set (4,5,6,7,8,9,W,U,S), red dot, for $800 delivered. Barely played, upgraded grips that are very nice. Odd, since 98% of the Pings seem to be black dot, the typically stocked standard. Finding anyone with red dots is somewhat obscure. I found out that my original DCI's I have playing with for 20 years are 3/4" longer than "normal". With the G400's I'm going shorter (normal) shaft and flatter lie, albeit minimal lie adjustment. Two trips to the range so far. The tendency is straight, high draws. Frankly, not going to argue with that. Distance is about 8-10 over the DCI's. Again, no arguments. Need 3-4 more range excursions but I may have lucked into this. News at 11.
  10. I was innocently minding my own business at PGASuperstore, having brought my own 7 iron (old... old DCI Titleist graphite stiff)... and I was doing comparison hits of various clubs while using my DCI as the "known entity". I hit a Titleist AP2 but it seemed a bit short in shaft length. I measured it against my old beater and it was about 3/4" shorter. I hit a Rogue X, seemed good, but the shaft seemed short. Measured and it was about 5/8" shorter. Hit a Taylormade M3, felt REALLY good but.... short by a full inch. Too many bells were going off and I figured out that it was NOT that these clubs were shorter, rather, my old DCI's were longer. One of the fitters checked it out and, yep, made for someone several inches taller than my 5'10". Luckily I have only been playing with these clubs for 15 years and never knew. I have no interest in getting clubs longer than "normal". All the iron shots I hit were high draws down the center, a bit more than usual in the draw category with my DCI's. I don't mind that a bit. The question: what is the typical change in ball flight of moving to shorter clubs? It would seem to me that there would be more draw bias, as I experienced. However, I don't know if that was just the way I was hitting them today or ???? Insights and commentary appreciated. Thanks !!!!
  11. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/how-stacy-lewis-is-paving-the-way-for-mothers-in-professional-golf/
  12. Saevel25, while I agree with you, apparently Waste Management, the USGA and the PGA don't. It's why I don't attend the "tournament" or watch it on TV. It's a waste.
  13. Do not buy based on name or logo or what some pro uses or reputation or other peoples opinion on a golf forum. Try many, many putters including different styles/shapes. If you find one that really works, walk away from it and try some others. Then go back and see if it really works, still. The best expert on what works for you is.... you.
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