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  1. altos

    Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    Saevel25, while I agree with you, apparently Waste Management, the USGA and the PGA don't. It's why I don't attend the "tournament" or watch it on TV. It's a waste.
  2. altos

    Putter help

    Do not buy based on name or logo or what some pro uses or reputation or other peoples opinion on a golf forum. Try many, many putters including different styles/shapes. If you find one that really works, walk away from it and try some others. Then go back and see if it really works, still. The best expert on what works for you is.... you.
  3. This easy answer is.... go into your garage. Find some large nuts/bolts and some paper tape. Apply to the putter in a position that would logically appear balanced (whether it is or not). Take all the parts you don't use and put them in a small bag with the tape. Go to where ever you practice putting. Try it out. Add more, take some off, move it around... it's a simple, quick and effective trial and error. Don't worry about aesthetics. When you have something that appears to work, remove the added hardware and weigh. Find some equivalent "pretty" lead stick-on's, apply, repeat. Tune as necessary. Asking how it will work on a forum won't do as everyone is different. It's like buying a set of clubs that Bubba uses. Is your swing a duplicate of Bubba's? No... Hummmmm.... Have some fun with it ! Lug nuts work well...
  4. altos

    Titleist DCI irons

    all the better
  5. I added a LOT of stick-on lead weight to my Bettinardi Inovai 3.0 center shaft. (see member photo to the left.....). Getting used to it didn't take long. The affect, for me, was stabilizing the path of the putter head... less prone to "wander", I suppose. Regardless, absolutely do not regret it.
  6. altos

    Titleist DCI irons

    I play 981SL's. They work very well. And I bought them new so.... you can figure how many years I have been playing them.
  7. Ohthehumanity, I agree. See post #43. There are many who over-strive to look the part with minimal or no talent. Instead of actually improving their game, they improve the perception of what they perceive is "the look" of a quality player. My personal, totally biased opinion is that the money would be better spent on lessons. But that's me, not them. There are, as well, certain cultures where a logo means everything. Regardless, if it makes them happy, go for it! It's their money and life. If they get a kick out if it, enjoy in good health at full volume.
  8. altos

    Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    Bingo, bingo. Not like Phoenix. Wasted people with wasted venue management. You think they would get a waste sponser... wait... wait.... hummm.....to clarify, is Waste Management an oxymoron?
  9. altos


  10. altos

    Rude Fans at PGA Tour Events

    Can't buy into the "erosion and decorum are the price of freedom" mantra. Sounds cute. Do you see freedom ruined at the Masters? No. Do you hear as many idiots? No. Why? Because it isn't tolerated. How about the British Open? No. Why? It isn't tolerated. No one is making rude comments about wives and girlfriends. No one is saying, after a ball slides by the cup, "now you're f--ked". No one yells in the middle of swing. Why? It's not tolerated. Meanwhile, back on the ranch, the USGA continues to sit on it's thumbs, maintaining its course of gross ineptitude. How about this: try throwing some people out. What's the downside? Work with the broadcasters to better place, or not place at all, microphones. Move the ropes farther away. But ohhhhh nooooo.... instead, how about we promote the 15-21 year old college drunk demographic at the Phoenix Open. That's what the USGA did and a large part of today's problems stems from the Phoenix Open. Because the USGA wanted to include that demographic to promote the game. Again, the USGA climbs into the gutter. Nice job.
  11. No PXG's in my future. Bassara shafted GBB driver headcover was ... lost... somewhere on the course. My stupid mistake. I needed a quick substitute and found one in my bag, in my emergency kit area. Slipped that sock on and it worked perfectly although the aesthetics are, lets say, an acquired taste. My regular group now expects to see it. I carry one driver, therefore, labeling it was not necessary and my fairway woods have "normal" head covers. I have had a couple people at the driving range give the sock odd looks as they walk by, that is, until I hit the driver. And I am sort of known for making "full contact" and splitting the fairway. May be the strongest part of my game. The Dockers label is barely visible, faded. That must be the reason no one has asked about Dockers making drivers. Or they simply think I'm crazy and don't want to get too close.
  12. $12? Costco. $5.99 for 6 pair, just like Walmart. The logo is really faded after a couple of years of foot use/washing prior to being "re-purposed". It gives it that chic, "been there, done that, got the sock" look that is all the rage on the course. When anyone asks I say "put a sock on it". A slight misquote.
  13. Yes, people seldom look at clubs... although... hummmm.... large manufacturer logos on bags, shoes, hats, head covers, gloves, shirts... oh, that's right, no one looks. But, apparently, the owner hopes they will look. Buying "status", real or perceived. I'm not a fan of being an advertising billboard. Regardless, if they have the money and are happy, more power to them !!! Enjoy yourself. I have a Dockers head cover on my driver. It's white, size 12, cotton, works like a champ. I don't know where the other sock is. But if I ever need to blast out of a pond I will have prepared for at least one dry foot. No one has asked my about my Dockers driver. Yet.
  14. This isn't about the face of the club, rather, conspicuous consumption. My guess is that if half the customers had spent $1000 on a very nice set of irons and $2000 on lessons he/she would have come out much farther ahead. Of course, they wouldn't be able to show off to his/her friends with the "look at what I got". And with that forgiving face then can solidly spray it in just... about... any random direction and who knows what distance. But they look good in the club house as long as no one sees their swing. Just a biased opinion on my part. enjoy !

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