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  1. Well done by all three in the playoff. And for Coke and Southern to NOT advertise during the playoff. Lastly, is there a way to instantly electrocute bush league spectators who yell "get in the hole" on every shot?
  2. Newbie to the board. I play to a 6-7. I hit my brothers 907 D1 spec grid 67R in stiff. 10.5, and liked it. I leaked it a tad (NOT a slice) but when I get sloppy or tired it shows up. I acquired the same driver. I can keep up with most players (255-270) but I hit the driver high. Really high. I get 1-3 feet of roll. I hit my irons high as well. Really high. I know that I can move the ball back 4 inches on the driver and get lower flight a bit but am wondering that since I an older player... well set in my ways...whether just getting an 8.5 might be a better idea. Of course, finding an 8.5 is tough. Comments, opinions and insights appreciated.