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  1. OK. Thanks for your help. I'll try it out.
  2. Yeah. Kind of figured that as I haven't seen anything heavier than 130. As for the lead tape, how much would that affect the shaft/head relationship? Is this something I'm going to have to just play around with? I ask cause the balance feels great right now. Will be replacing the grips very soon though. Not being much of a club maker, there is a way to help with the extra weight on the butt end correct?
  3. IMHO, no. Not a crutch. The sweet spot will roughly be the same. Oversized are great too use for beginners as it will make the game more enjoyable because of the forgiveness on off centered hits, which will make you want to golf more. As your game progresses, if you are serious, you will find center more often. This may be just me but I find shaft to be more important than the heads. Helps with tempo and dispearsion. The more you play the easier it will be to find center.
  4. Haven't read through all the replies but turf interaction could be the reason. As your wood produce a more shallow swing the resistance from the turf would be less than steeper swings with irons. Also may look at irons with a wider sole to limit the digging effect of the iron swing. Or shallow it out a bit. Just a thought. Good luck
  5. Currently have Titleist 714 mb/cb combo set in x100 shafts. Was wondering if a heavier shaft swung at the same speed would produce more distance? In simple physics the answer would be yes, but does anyone have experience with this? Also I heard it will help with a left miss, RH. If so, recommendations on a heavier shaft.
  6. Went up to golf galaxy and tried out some shafts. Not much selection on x flexes though. After about 8 or 9 shafts and head combos I ended up with a Titliest 915 d3 with a Diamana d+ 70 x flex. Tried out the m1 head. Have to say that I wasn't impressed. Actually didn't like how light or felt. But that's another thread all together. Spin numbers mid to low 2000s. Launch still a little high but with the lower spin much better. Was able to get one in the 1000s and Dang that one flew ridiculously long. Dispersion was much tighter as well. All and all I feel pretty good about it. Plus I got a great deal on it.
  7. It currently has the project x 6.0 shaft in it. I do notice that when I swing about 10mph slower it gives me a much better trajectory and spin numbers. I need something that I can just swing my normal swing with consistent results. I understand strike plays a huge part and I am consistent with that. Looking for more fairways. My buddy just got an Aldilia rogue silver 70. It felt pretty stout with minimal twisting during the couple swings I put on it. Any thoughts guys?
  8. I recently just got into golf, so my mechanics over the past year and a half have drastically changed. The driver is last year's model (9*) and after watching a good amount of videos about fitting practices they probably did a very poor job. I have been on a launch monitor with and compared my numbers with the stock shaft and an x flex. X flex had better numbers. Diamana 70, 44.5 inches. Not looking for more distance. Just looking for a more penetrating flight as is really windy here and I need to find more fairways as I'm losing shots being out of position. My numbers when I got fitted we much different than they are now.
  9. Looking for a low launch and low spin driver shaft. Currently have the Callaway xr pro driver with the stock stiff flex( shame on me) Swing speed is 113-117. Need to get my spin numbers down. Around 3000. And my launch needs to be lowered. 16-18. I can hit lower but it takes way to much manipulation in my swing to achieve a consistent strike. Any help would be appreciated.
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