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  1. I'd like to hijack this with another question. Anyone know of any sunscreen that doesn't stain? I use the Coppertone and BananaBoat sprays. But the collars(and sleeve edges) of my light colored shirts, especially my white shirts have dark stains. I remember watching the Morning Drive's Live at the PGA Merchandise Orlando series, a few years back, and there was a sunscreen company there saying they don't stain. I should have written it down.
  2. It's no so much that I have trouble hitting them off the deck. I down on the ball, as with irons, etc. My problem(?) is that I hit line drives. From what I keep reading about buying hybrids compared to irons is that the ball flight is higher than from irons. Could this be me having the wrong shafts?
  3. A) A French golfer on the Euro' Challenge Tour was DQ'd for running out of balls. Is there a max limit to how many balls a player can have, or did he simply not have enough? B) When watching the tour each week, the commentator most of the time tells us what club a player is using for the shot. I can see if it's a driver or wood, yet irons? Does someone by the player(caddie, etc), signal which club is being used? C)
  4. Sorry if this has been already posted. I remember being able to watch most of the tournament on TV, including the coverage of 4 specific holes. Now it only starts at 3pm? I would love watch the morning pairings too.
  5. THAT I would never do!!!! I would use the rock ball the entire hole. And as I said, only on a Longest Drive hole.
  6. Agree on the short game. Yet as in my initial posts, I am only considering these balls for longest drive contests. I normally use my ProV1/ProV1X. And father time has gotten to me too.
  7. True. Each foursome will have one of the club's caddies to ride along. I guess I can run it by him when the time comes. And I would using either the Titlest Velocity or one of the Volviks. Thanks again for all your replies.
  8. This is from my previous questions, in another thread on switching balls during an outing/tournament. So called distance balls, will really add much distance to my drives? Yes, I understand it depends on the ball makeup and my swing speed. Yet in anyone's opinion, how many more yards can I add: 5, 10 - 15, 20+? Just curious? Thanks again.
  9. Not sure which category this belongs in so please bear with me. Reading up on and seeing commercials for Rangefinders it states for tournament use, slope settings must be turned off. Here's my question on another issue. I normally play my ProV1s. For a Longest Drive contest, on that hole, would I be allowed to switch to a so called "Distance Ball", such as Volvik? Part II, for a 63 amateur weekend golfer like myself, would I even see any significant yardage gains using one of these balls? Thanks in advance. Ed
  10. Hmmm, if I bring my driver to, say, PGATSS, to hit along side of a few new ones I have in mind, there will not be a problem not buying one there at the moment? It does sound like plan, especially on a chilly and/or rainy day. Thanks all for your input.
  11. Of course I will get fit, as my irons!!! I know it will cost me too, no problem. Just looking for opinions to see if it is worth the $$$
  12. Hi, pardon the ignorance. I have a Ping G10 driver I bought almost 9 years ago. Unfortunately not fitted, on sale from TGW, Anyhoo..... I am now 63, haven't golfed much(unemployed due to outsourcing, etc). I went to the driving range today and hit my driver nice and high. Not sure of distance because there were no yardage markers, which I doubt are accurate at ranges. I am thinking of getting fit for a new driver. Primarily for distance and obviously accuracy. Here is my ignorance question. Could I find a driver that would gain 30+ yards distance? Could I accomplish the same results with re-shafting my driver? I love new equipment, and, the looks of the new stuff(PXG, Ping, Callaway), yet rather than pay $450 - $575 for a new driver, pay $100+ for a new shaft, I would be ahead of the game. Same with my 2009 Mizuno MX200 irons. I LOVE the feel of them, and the look(thanks to a member here I remove the badging). MAYBE reshaft them too. Why spend $1300 for new irons. Thanks in advance of any advice.
  13. Crazy question. Can how far you stand from the ball affect your distance? I know where the placement in the stance(forward, backward, middle) will affect trajectory and maybe distance. Lately I have been standing so close to the ball, practically over it and hitting mile high iron shots. Great for landing on the green. Yet it seems I am not hitting my irons as long as I used to. Could be age? Could be not enough body rotation. Would standing farther from the ball help me with distance? Yes, I can experiment at the range, yet looking for opinions.
  14. Hi again, As previously posted I have Mizuno MX200 irons. I really really liked these. If I don't like the new JPX forged irons coming out this fall, I might keep my MX200s. Financial reasons too. This year though I would like to upgrade my woods from my Ping G10 and K15. I also have old Cobra Baffler Rail Hybrids from 2009. I might want to replace these too. Should I wait to buy hybrids when I also buy irons? IF I get new Mizzies. the lofts are mostly the same. Yet if I decide on Titleist AP1s, or Ping G400, they are a lot stronger than what I have. Thanks.
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