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  1. Crazy question. Can how far you stand from the ball affect your distance? I know where the placement in the stance(forward, backward, middle) will affect trajectory and maybe distance. Lately I have been standing so close to the ball, practically over it and hitting mile high iron shots. Great for landing on the green. Yet it seems I am not hitting my irons as long as I used to. Could be age? Could be not enough body rotation. Would standing farther from the ball help me with distance? Yes, I can experiment at the range, yet looking for opinions.
  2. Alohaed

    New hybrids

    Hi again, As previously posted I have Mizuno MX200 irons. I really really liked these. If I don't like the new JPX forged irons coming out this fall, I might keep my MX200s. Financial reasons too. This year though I would like to upgrade my woods from my Ping G10 and K15. I also have old Cobra Baffler Rail Hybrids from 2009. I might want to replace these too. Should I wait to buy hybrids when I also buy irons? IF I get new Mizzies. the lofts are mostly the same. Yet if I decide on Titleist AP1s, or Ping G400, they are a lot stronger than what I have. Thanks.
  3. Been reading posts, 30 year old blades, oldest club in bag, etc. I bought my Mizuno MX200, and MP T3 wedges, back in 2010. Been out of work for almost 4 years, and 60% of the time before that. If I were working, I would upgrade to new ones(AP2s, AP1s). BUT, I like the way they feel and they still look good(only golfed a few times the last 2 years). Sometimes I think I need new shafts. I hit the ball high, not much distance. YET, at my age of 61, who knows how much more distance I can gain with new shafts. I hit my 8 iron, 140 - 145. The might be ok for my age? SO, how old are irons many of you are using? Who knows, since my Woods and Hybrids are just as old, I might upgrade them first.
  4. Alohaed

    Best Online Golf Stores?

    TGW.com. Using them for 17+ years.
  5. Alohaed

    Win a New Cart from Sun Mountain!

    https://shop.sunmountain.com/Micro-Cart-GT-20129-detail.html Agreed on the Lime Green. Sweet!! Perfect timing, my cart is 13 years old and has seen better days. Thanks TST!!
  6. Alohaed

    Shaft question

    Of course I will talk to a fitter when the time comes. I would not buy irons without being fully fit. I am only wondering if my questions were possible.
  7. Been reading positive reviews, and posts, about the Titleist 716 AP1s. Will go to PGATSS and hit them soon. Here's my issue with these. The PW is 43 loft. Insane. No wonder I see they have 2 gap wedges between this and a sand wedge. Can one get fitted for a shaft that can make up the difference, hitting this PW the same ball flight and distance as a normal 46 PW? And similarly, if I were to have a combo AP1, AP2 set, 5, 6 AP1, then 7 - GW AP2, there will be a 6 degree difference between the 6 and 7 irons.
  8. Alohaed

    New PING i200 Irons

    Looks kinda like the Mizuno Y Tune irons, as my MX200s. Yet much nicer looking.
  9. Alohaed

    Golf tees

    I agree on the plastic tees, for my driver. I use the Zero Friction. The problem with these, where I mostly golf here in the NYC area, is many of the tee boxes are as hard as concrete. Can not get these tees into the ground without bending them. Then I have to go with the wooden ones.
  10. Again, thx all. Marv, I've thought of this. YET, with the cost of new shafts, grips(which I replaced last season) and fitting, would this be almost the cost of a new set of irons? I also love the feel of my Mizzies and the new forged irons my not be forgiving enough and be expensive. I can then buy new hybrids and woods.
  11. Thanks. I already started a thread on my drives and received many great replies. Just wondering about new irons. I need to get my act together with my other problems. A lot of it has to do with patience. And practice.
  12. When reading irons specs, I alway see "handicap" range, then players, GI, SGI, on and on. I will turn 61 next month. Have avg swing speed. Decent irons player. Yet to break 100 though, Why??? Pop up drives, or slices into the woods. Chunking my 3 wood off the fairway(most of the time standing up as I down swing), lousy chipping around the green(decelerating, chunking shots when in deeper lies) and can't read the greens for crap, therefor 2 - 3 putting. The only good thing about my game is iron play and speed control while putting(lag putting). SO, when getting new irons this season I will get fitted again. Now playing Mizuno MX200s, bought 6 years ago. I like the looks of their new JPX900 tours. Yet, considering all factors in the Title of this thread, should I even go there? After reading your reviews, maybe the AP1s, or even Ping G series would be better for me? Aside forgiveness, but for the extra yardage off the club face. And I don't play as often as I used to, yet go to the range as much as I can. My main question is re my age and handicap. And having irons to still use the coming years. Again, my fitter will help and there will be the launch monitor. Just looking for member opinions. Hopefully from members my age and older.
  13. Alohaed

    Pop-up drives

    Ya know, I never thought of that. Very interesting. I've always wondered how I can use a real tee at the range, and since their rubber tees are hollow, it makes sense. How stable it will be, is another story. Thanks Hatchman!
  14. Alohaed

    Ever been hit by a golf ball?

    Yup. Freak thing. Around 10 years ago or so. Was on the 17th fairway, slight dogleg, 230ish yards out. Was back and forth across the fw looking for a lost ball. My buddies were waiting to tee off. When I went back to my cart, one hit his drive. I was bending into the cart to get another ball. His drive went into the cart, hitting me in the side of my nose. He thought his drive was good. Blood everywhere, partners came running over. Thought I broke my schnoz. Was a bit woozy. No blood on my new shoes thankfully. Normally from upstate NY, I would drive home, by my wife(at the time) would not let me. So I cot to sit and have beers amd shots the rest of the day though, from the guy who hit that drive. He felt like crap for weeks . Went to the doctor the next day, had a deviated septum. Turns out my wife thanked the guy because It cut back on my snoring.
  15. Can we really believe these magazines. Just saw this in my Email. http://www.golfdigest.com/story/how-far-do-average-golfers-really-hit-it-new-distance-data-will-surprise-you After reading the story, then following this thread and golfing with many people, I wonder how accurate this story is.

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