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  1. The only decent thing I've read, by an AMERICAN. Unlike the rest who THINK they are.
  2. That's the problem, we need to stop this crap and start manufacturing products here again:drugs, electronics, clothing. This country leaks a virus to kill so many around the world, sicken people and ruin economies, and everyone has no problem with this?
  3. I am looking at my Custom Club Specs for my MX200s. It states: Forged in Japan, Finished in China, Assembled here in the USA. Is this the case with their current clubs? And I wonder where other brands are made? Considering this pandemic, FROM CHINA, people dying, losing jobs, many more getting ill, I feel everyone, having Mizunos should contact them to cease doing business with China and no longer have their clubs made there!!! And to find out where your brand is made and to have those companies stop doing business with China!
  4. Part of my question is for saving some $$. I always loved the clean looks of Mizuno MP57 irons. I get it, they are 12 years old. Yet, would the technology in their new irons make that much of a difference playing them vs the new irons? I would love to find a set and fit them for me with new shafts.
  5. PGA Tour: Events will continue without fans PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan announced on Thursday that the Tour would continue to host tournaments, but not allow fans to attend, beginning on Friday.
  6. Hi, currently play 11yo Cobra Baffler Rail hybrids. Want to upgrade. Also play my 10yo Mizzy MX200 irons. Financially, would only want to upgrade my woods first, especially since I love the feel of my irons. My question, obviously I would be fit to replace the 3 and 4 hybrids for my iron set. But in a year or too, if I were to afford new irons, would I have to get the same specs as my current irons, or new hybrids again? Should I wait to replace my hybrids when I replace my irons? OR can I get hybrids fit generalized(lofts, etc) to be used with any new irons.?
  7. I'm with Xray... I might have gained distance, but more importantly I gained accuracy and ball flight, and more fun. My original clubs were off the shelf. For my new clubs, they were 1.25" longer, grip size down a size. Obviously finding the correct club head, where I hit closest to the sweet spot, and of course lie angle. Also testing and finding the best shaft too(ball flight). I did not do a ball fitting.
  8. Although I HATE this phrase, I will say it: "my bad". I just saw on Wikipedia, which I neglected to read originally.
  9. Agreed!!!!! I'm sure he is rolling in his grave.
  10. Thanks! I completely forgot about Furyk. Thing is, even when he is playing in a tournament, they rarely show him, since they focus on everyone else. And when Tiger plays, that's all you see, regardless of how far back he is on the leaderboard.
  11. It's a little over an hour, with NO traffic. 90% too much construction on 95, etc. Not to mention too much snow most winters. NBC, who cares. The show belongs in golf weather, and should stay in Orlando.
  12. Did a search on him on the web and found no info except his past. Anyone know if he is still looping and for who? Cool dude. Fellow Deadhead, from what I read he mostly always wore a Dead T while caddying. I'm sure at his age and his mileage, he is comfortably retired. Thanks.
  13. I'd like to hijack this with another question. Anyone know of any sunscreen that doesn't stain? I use the Coppertone and BananaBoat sprays. But the collars(and sleeve edges) of my light colored shirts, especially my white shirts have dark stains. I remember watching the Morning Drive's Live at the PGA Merchandise Orlando series, a few years back, and there was a sunscreen company there saying they don't stain. I should have written it down.
  14. It's no so much that I have trouble hitting them off the deck. I down on the ball, as with irons, etc. My problem(?) is that I hit line drives. From what I keep reading about buying hybrids compared to irons is that the ball flight is higher than from irons. Could this be me having the wrong shafts?
  15. A) A French golfer on the Euro' Challenge Tour was DQ'd for running out of balls. Is there a max limit to how many balls a player can have, or did he simply not have enough? B) When watching the tour each week, the commentator most of the time tells us what club a player is using for the shot. I can see if it's a driver or wood, yet irons? Does someone by the player(caddie, etc), signal which club is being used? C)
  16. Sorry if this has been already posted. I remember being able to watch most of the tournament on TV, including the coverage of 4 specific holes. Now it only starts at 3pm? I would love watch the morning pairings too.
  17. THAT I would never do!!!! I would use the rock ball the entire hole. And as I said, only on a Longest Drive hole.
  18. Agree on the short game. Yet as in my initial posts, I am only considering these balls for longest drive contests. I normally use my ProV1/ProV1X. And father time has gotten to me too.
  19. True. Each foursome will have one of the club's caddies to ride along. I guess I can run it by him when the time comes. And I would using either the Titlest Velocity or one of the Volviks. Thanks again for all your replies.
  20. This is from my previous questions, in another thread on switching balls during an outing/tournament. So called distance balls, will really add much distance to my drives? Yes, I understand it depends on the ball makeup and my swing speed. Yet in anyone's opinion, how many more yards can I add: 5, 10 - 15, 20+? Just curious? Thanks again.
  21. Not sure which category this belongs in so please bear with me. Reading up on and seeing commercials for Rangefinders it states for tournament use, slope settings must be turned off. Here's my question on another issue. I normally play my ProV1s. For a Longest Drive contest, on that hole, would I be allowed to switch to a so called "Distance Ball", such as Volvik? Part II, for a 63 amateur weekend golfer like myself, would I even see any significant yardage gains using one of these balls? Thanks in advance. Ed
  22. Hmmm, if I bring my driver to, say, PGATSS, to hit along side of a few new ones I have in mind, there will not be a problem not buying one there at the moment? It does sound like plan, especially on a chilly and/or rainy day. Thanks all for your input.
  23. Of course I will get fit, as my irons!!! I know it will cost me too, no problem. Just looking for opinions to see if it is worth the $$$
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