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  1. Yeah its amazing watching these junior competitions now, 13 year olds driving the ball 260 yards.
  2. Yeah im 18 at the moment, so i was looking at players that started late, mainly though around age 10 was common with some starting younger
  3. Yeah thats a fair point, i noticed Ye Yang only picked up a golf club at 20 and wondered weather he was an exception or there is possibilty of competing but likely on a smaller scale (as much as we all would like to beat tiger woods)
  4. Only really started a year ago, was shooting in the 100's, had 4 lessons in the past two months and shooting around 85 now with a few lower and some higher, booked more lessons and practiced a lot over past 2 months
  5. What sort of talent would you mean? Natural talent or just the desire to be a good golfer?
  6. What do you guys think would be the latest age to really start making a push to compete on the european tour? I know a lot started in their younger life but with lessons weekly and daily practice surely you could attempt to qualify within 5 -7 years?