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  1. Don't feel so bad. Last time I was out my neighbor and I went to an exec course for the first time, I was 39 over par. I think I shot a 93 on a par 54... it was sucktastic. Our excuse, besides that we suck, is we were rushed. We walked up to the pro shop, they starter yelled asking our names, then told us to go pay as we were up and he was waiting. We weren't even late. We were all alone for the first 9, then as we made the turn, we had like 4 twosomes stack up behind us, and they were getting pretty antsy.
  2. as long as it has everything you want, enough pockets, etc. sounds good.
  3. I posted it in another thread as well, but a pro told me that one thing you might try is to set up square to the ball, then open your hands a bit. This will temporarily open the club face. It really helps when you try and over compensate to get rid of your slice and you start hooking. on your downswing your hands seem to come back to square, naturally. Don't know if that will help you, good luck.
  4. if everything is off the heel of the club on your longer clubs, maybe you have the ball setup too close to you. I believe the proper distance from the butt of your club is a hand + a thumb. I reach out with my club and draw it back to me. Try that, then hold the club w/ your left hand and stick your right between the butt and your belly. See how far away it is. You might need to back up a couple inches. I also learned a bit of a tip yesterday from a pro from Golf Galaxy. Set up your club face square to the ball, as usual. Then open up your hands just a tad. It will keep you from closing the club face on your swing. I tried it, and it worked pretty nicely.
  5. This is a GREAT video about different grips. Watch it, learn it, love it.
  6. oh gotcha, thanks. I just do the same with tees stuck in the ground.
  7. ok, so I know WHAT an impact bag is, but I have a few questions. What is it supposed to tell you, especially at home where you don't have a pro standing over your shoulder. Will it damage my club from sudden impact?
  8. ok, I picked up a used r7 st 3 wood at Golf Galaxy and was wondering about the weights. How are these adjusted? I realize you need a special wrench, but I was able to remove/turn the weights with a star bit I have in my screwdriver kit. One weight completely comes out, the other's center piece just turns. Any help is appreciated as the only thing that would show up on google when I queryed it, was sites that sold the club, not any "how to's". Thanks
  9. Thanks guys. I'm going to Golf Galaxy first to check out their used selection, then to my golf course to see their "new" that are on sale. We'll see what I can find :)
  10. So my local golf shop has a huge summer sale, where the majority of their "last years" stock is 30-50% off. On top of that I have a $5 off coupon for the sale. What I'm wondering, is does anyone have, or can they provide a short list of good woods I might look at? I saw TM, Nike, Ping, Cleveland and a few more I can't remember. I'm just trying to find out what will be best for me. The sale clubs are unavailable to be hit before purchase, so that's why I'm asking the experts :) Thanks guys
  11. another thought, besides what the other guys said, is that maybe the clubs are too short for you. Just a thought.
  12. If you like the rain, come to Oregon. We have lots of rainy winter ball :)
  13. $9 for a bucket of 100ish nike range balls. They're not too bad to hit. I have a few saved that I use for chipping practice. But only at the course they're from.
  14. I have a 4 y/o who really wants to play with his daddy. I really don't have much money to drop on kids golf clubs and was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions. Thanks for anything :)
  15. everytime I click the link it asks for a login/password.
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