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  1. New Cart - Caddytek EZ

    I did see that. I think I'd rather pay the extra $10-$20 to get the pouch/cooler below. Judging by the stock photos, it also looks like the Quad Fold doesn't have the lower bag strap.
  2. Golf Resume. What's yours?

    Age: 34Height: 5' 4" Where are you from: NJ How long have you been playing: ~18 years Best Score: 78 (Par 71) Farmstead Country ClubFavorite club in the bag: All of themGolf Books / DVD's that have helped you: Harvey Penick's Little Red BookWhere do you play: Wherever I canBest courses you've played so far: Nothing worth mentioningThings you enjoy most about golf: That one good shot that sucks you back in after you tell yourself you're going to take a break because you're in a slump.Goals for 2016: Already achieved my goal of breaking 80. For 2017 it's shooting par or better, and finally driving over 250 yards.
  3. Yes and I hope so. For the first time since I started swinging a club almost 20 years ago my handicap is finally in single digits. My goal for this year was to break 80 and I did that a few weeks ago with a 78. Now my goal is to shoot par. Don't know if I'll ever get there though as I'm really limited by my driving distance (225-235 yards).
  4. New Cart - Caddytek EZ

    This is the exact cart I've been thinking about getting. Have you had a chance to get it out on the course yet? How are the pockets/compartments? Enough room for stuff?