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  1. About 90% of the time with a par 4 or 5 i will hit my driver off the tee, but that sometimes gets me in trouble. I notice that most pros don't usually hit their driver off the tee especially it its a tight fairway. Also when you don't hit the driver, what club do you use? I looking to get a new 3 wood, right now i have an adamsgolf insight that is about 4 years old. After that, my next longest club is a 4 hybrid that i hit about 220-230. If I'm at a tight fairway and i need to hit in the middle (about 240-250 yds) what club would be the best for me? Im looking at th
  2. Yesterday when i went out i tried to rotate my upper body more on the backswing to get a nice big shoulder turn and i was hitting them great. Hopefully that helped quite a bit
  3. Heres an updated video of my swing with the driver. Im really trying to work on becoming more consistent. Right now trying to hit a push draw off the tee.
  4. I don't know if you can tell from this video what i may or may not be doing. Surprisingly, i hit a pretty solid push draw on this shot, just a little too high. Also, is it just me or does my posture seem a bit off?
  5. I went t the range yesterday to for on my driver and i still wasn't hitting the ball how id like to. About 80% of my shots with the driver were low hooks. The ball started off going towards the target path and then hooked, which means I'm coming over the top right? It kind of feels like I'm standing up around impact because i can't get any ball hit with my driver to go more than 20 feet off the ground. Im going to try to get a video of my swing up sometime soon.
  6. I played nine holes today working on what was in the push draw video. I was starting the ball off on the right line which was right side of the fairway but i wasn't getting any drawing action. I would imagine i just need more practice on dragging the handle/grip up immediately after contact.
  7. I think that would help a lot of people out, because about 90% of the info out there about working the ball seems to be inaccurate
  8. Okay, so you really don't actually try to swing in-to-out? Its handle forward (flat left wrist), raising the handle (like the video) and weight forward at impact or both impact and set-up. This makes a lot more sense because when i have practiced a push draw i kept on pushing it way right and it would have a fade to it, no matter how far in-to-out my club path was. Now i know i was coming way too much inside. This is just tough for me because i have always been taught/told about an in-to-out swing but nothing about raising the handle and stuff Thanks a lot for your help!
  9. Okay, i get all of that and the in-to-out is what i meant by open club path. I don't know if its just me, but if my club face is open at set-up and i have an in-to-out swing path, my club face becomes that much more open because of the swing path already going more out. Does this make any sense?
  10. I just have a little question that i need to have cleared up. When trying to hit a push draw, they said the club face should be 3 degrees open and the club path is about 6 degrees open. And the opposite with a pull fade. My question is, is the club supposed to be 3 degrees open at set-up? Or at impact? If its 3 degrees open at impact, then you would actually want the club face closed 3 degrees at set-up to go with the 6 degree open swing path. Is this correct? because for me when my club face is open at set-up and i got for the slightly more open club path (6 degree
  11. I need some help with begin consistent with the driver. Ive been trying to figure out what my "stock shot" is. From what I've heard its the ball path of a miss hit, or the shot you hit the most often? If thats the case would my stock be a draw since usually my miss is a hook? Over the past few months i have been going for a draw off the tee. About 50% of the time i can get a solid draw what goes right where i want it to and that usually travels about 300-320 yards but that is with a lot of roll because the fairways here are literally a rock because of the lack of rain. The other 50%, th
  12. Ive been working on my takeaway and having less wrist action. I can tell I'm getting a little better with it but i don't think I'm there quite yet. I have also been pulling the ball a little bit with my irons, i didn't do it here but could anyone think of why i could be pulling with my swing?
  13. As of right now i am about an 8-10 handicap. Ive had Mizuno mx 100 irons for the last 2 years, which are game improving irons that are meant for the mid to high handicapper. Am i losing anything by playing these irons as opposed to irons for more of a low handicapper?
  14. Ive heard that most "pro" golfers rarely every try to hit the ball "straight". Almost all of the time they try to play either a fade or a draw depending on the shot. And that by playing either a draw or a fade is much more consistent. I just played my first round under par today and I'm really trying to take my game to the next level which would be consistently shooting scratch golf. However, especially when hitting with irons my goal is to always hit the ball straight. I just feel like much more can go wrong when i start trying to work the ball. I was wondering what your take wa
  15. I've been Playing Golf for: 13 years My current handicap index or average score is: 10-12 over My typical ball flight is: Slight draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Push with irons and hook with a driver Videos:
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