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  1. When you say with the right shoulder you mean staying connected with the hips though? Not rotating the uper body 1st right? I really struggle with the legs / knees doing what they're supposed to.
  2. Hopefully won't get into trouble for bumping an older thread but this is awesome. I'm working on hipslide, infact I'm obsessed with hipslide. I'm a s&t player so the hipslide is key part of the process for me at the moment. Any of you high HC players onto any feelings that help you get this down? Finding it so hard to nail. I'm a feeling player and the info the coach has given me all makes total sense but unless I can get a feeling to work towards its hit and miss. Cheers.
  3. Haha please don't take my short game strength quote or driver yardage as an indication of my consistent ability... But like you said hopefully I'm on my way. The chrome Softs should get me down to playing off single figures
  4. Thanks for the morale boosting comment MacD what's classed as a high handicapper then? I always thought 0 to 8 was low 8 to 16 was mid 16 + high That's all my opinion no fact behind it. Any of you guys practice so much it hurts the next day and the calluses come away and bleed on the hands... had a monster hip movement session yesterday on the range and I'm paying for it today Love this game.
  5. Thanks for all the info. My strengths definitely in my short game. I'm going through the motions of building a swing and my coach uses the Stack and Tilt system. I haven't really progressed onto the longer clubs yet (under his advice) as at the momoment my miss hits are absorbed some what by the irons but put a driver in my hand and it's a roll of the dice. I don't really know what a good distance is driver wise but I hit a Wilson Smartcore 295y (with carry) on the course the other week and that's the furthest I've hit so far. It's all coming together slowly but surely my average score 6 moths ago was 105 per round, I shot a 91 followed by 89. Looking back I've lost 1 ball per 2 rounds over the past few months so I'll take all of the advice and try some different balls then stick to a particular one as consistency in feel must be as important as it is in the strike or else the strike hit the same each swing will yield an array of results if you're hitting a different ball. Like i said I've got a box of chrome Softs sat around so they'll get a good working first and I'll go from there.
  6. So how do you guys rate the Callaway Chrome Softs? I have a Box of them and was hoping to see a little bit more control round the greens with the wedges if i use them but if they're going to spin up like crazy on the driver then they'll probably cost more shots than they would save.
  7. Hi Iacas, Can I have the Broke 90 award please. Cheers
  8. These are great replies and made me consider whether a ball change would help drop my score a little more... On Thursday I broke 90 for the 1st time! Something that I hope some of you remember as being a massive milestone Anyway my long game is what cost me my most shots over all, as I only started using my driver after a year, untouched at the range 2 days prior to the round. Hopefully this won't come across as cocky or big headed but 7i down to LW I feel in control and confident. I can drop a gap wedge onto the green and usually pretty close to what I was aiming for no problem. Put a driver in my hand or a rescue club etc off the tee and then it's a gamble on what will happen So if my short game is my strong point in my shot scoring would a better ball help me more? I don't lose balls anymore or if I do it's no more than 1 a round and I have a Box of 12 Brand new Callaway Chome soft sat in my cupboard asking to be opened. BUT, Would these better balls accentuate the spin off a bad driver impact though, Therefore causing me to lose more shots in my long game area? Cheers for all your input, enjoying the thoughts of different players.
  9. There you go no flaming and besides I've just admitted to practically using an egg shaped stone with dimples and I've yet to be flamed Think I've got quite a few of the NXT's in my box of titleist balls. I'll see how they they play.
  10. Wow, great awnser! You've got me intrigued as to what your chosen ball is???
  11. Probably been done to death but I'm new to the forum and I figured best to get stuck in with a question about balls. Ok here goes... Realistically at what hcp rating would you start to consider what ball you're playing with? For example does it really make much sense for a high hc player like myself to be using pro v1's. I have roughly 170 mixed titleist balls from pro v 1x's to pts wound etc. The reason I ask is because I'm wondering if a "pro" ball is more likely to accentuate my poor shots with improved spin rate blah blah. Whilst playing with a couple of friends the other day one of them said try this... it was a Wilson 'Smartcore' you get them here in the UK £15 for a box of 24! Despite being lower than weasels willy in the quality department (or so I assume) compared to bridgestone, titleist so on I shot my best round so far with it... (91 on a challenging course) So what do you guys think? Is ball choice important for guys like me at this stage? Thanks everyone. Have a great day / night.
  12. Brilliant, thanks Ernest. I'll give that a shit at the range tomorrow or a see if I can dodge the gaffers at work and get some time in the secret room. So how far am I from Ben Hogan then?
  13. Hi Boogie, thank you for the kind words and going to all that effort. Yeah I totally agree watching back, my left knee seems to be clasping inwards causing my lower body to sway. I've been really struggling to get any hipslide on the downswing as I've always been self taught and been an all arms swing until I started my lessons a few months back. Firing the hips towards target and clearing them seems impossible at the moment. I think that sway in the hips is me trying to engage them so I can throw them forward if that makes sense? I guess an bit like doing a hula hoop motion... I've been round the forum and read a lot before I signed up this thread is amazing : Sand Trap hip slide I just don't feel I have anything of value to ad as noob at the moment but I'm sure that will change with time. Thanks again
  14. Thanks for the welcome Brian
  15. I've been Playing Golf for: 6 months seriously. My current handicap index or average score is: 28 or as high as it can go. My typical ball flight is: inconsistent at the moment but my teacher is a stack and tilt instructor so we're shooting for a push draw. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Fat! Hate grounding before the ball!! Ok so I'm working nights and found a room where I can lock myself away at break time. I'm hitting a soft ball flat knacker against the wall to make sure I don't go lightly. I work in a press shop so steel toe caps covered in oil on a painted floor = no grip but I'm keen to get torn a new one by you guys. Cheers.
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