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  1. 84 +12. Front 9 40 back 44 A day to forget with my Iron 4. Hate it! ( and it's new)
  2. I want that , on my 1 Bedroon Apt.mhhh I think I need to talk to my wife first and ask her what she thinks.....
  3. I hit 86. Still looking for players who want to play around Huntington Beach, Long Beach areas. 46 front , 40 Back 9 Hitting my driver way better, but still having some issues with my irons. 10 Fairways today (not bad for me ), but just 5 green in regulation.
  4. of course the shafft afect you. What is your swing speed? Did you get your clubs fitted?
  5. For great prices and very decent performance clubs , go to Hireko. com , I got there my iron 4 and 5, great performance , I reccomend u the Acer High trajectory. Sorry I wrote this before reading your last post. Actually the Lynx for begginers are great clubs for the money, easy to hit, and easy to control!
  6. I Do Street Fairs, and Tradeshows, so I can not play in weekends .