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  1. Thanks iacas. I did focus on those two things. But, that post was over a year ago and after having worked on those things, and others, I was still slicing a lot of my balls (woods, hybrids and irons). That was the reason for going back and analyzing my swing. What I mentioned in the first post of this thread are two things that I've come to recognize as problems for me; at least I think that they're problems. I was just trying to see if what I was saying sounded like it was on the right track to getting a better swing.
  2. 68begin


  3. Hi, I've been working on my swing this year and, frankly, although it's more consistent that it used to be, it's still a long ways from where I want it to be. My main problems are slicing the ball and shot inconsistency. Sometimes I hit shots that I really like, but other times, I'm just stuck asking myself were in the world that last shot came from...... Recently, I've started to analyze every aspect of my swing, which may be a mistake, but it's the route that I'm taking now. I've found 2 things that I was doing that are contributing to my slice and, I think, my inconsistency; one is my t
  4. I'm back with another question. I still slice my drives, frequently. An instructor was watching me the other day at the driving range and he said: "you hit long, but when you go off, it always goes to the right - right?" I replied yes. He said, "It's because your right arm is too strong; try a stronger left hand position on the club grip." So, I rotated my left hand clockwise on the grip; so that the crease formed by my left index finger and my left thumb pointed towards my right shoulder, and it helped quite a bit. Why is this? I've reasoned that on the downswing, with a wea
  5. Thanks mvmac, but why is this the case with irons? What is there about irons; particularly the steeper lofted irons, that makes them less sensitive to a swing that usually causes a slice with a driver off the tee? By moving my hips forward and keeping my hip turn in place, will I decrease my angle of attack? It's not clear to me why this would be the case since it seems to me that I would, mostly, be moving my whole swing arc forward. Sorry for the double post; being new to this forum leaves me with some posting things to learn. I assume that a negative angle of attack is one
  6. As a beginner, I got a recommendation from my local golf course to try the Titleist DP Solo (last year's DP ball). So far, I've been through a box and a half of them. Once I get my swing under control (yes, I'm an eternal optimist..........as well as an experimenter), I'll start looking for a ball that could Improve my game. Right now, my swing needs a lot of work and with balls going out into the hinterlands from all parts of the course, I'd prefer to loose an inexpensive ball to an expensive one.
  7. This, as I'm sure others have said, is a very helpful thread. I'm a beginner (play righty) and have been slicing my drives consistently; sort of 200 yards out and 50 yards to the right. I've reasoned that the only way that I could be doing that is to be hitting the ball down and across, but I haven't been successful in finding a way to correct that. I've tried moving my feet relative to the ball, but that has resulted in either hitting under the ball; standing too far forward, or topping the ball; standing too far back. I know, in my mind, that with the arc the club makes, on the
  8. Thanks for the links, mvmac. I'll work on those two points.
  9. Here's an attempt to post my swing................... This is from my very first day. It's a smoother swing now, there's less left foot movement and there's less up-and-down motion. But, it' still, basically, the same swing.
  10. mvmac, being new here, I'm not sure how to post my swing. I have a short video of my swing on my very first day, is that what you're talking about? I will try to upload it, but it's larger than 5mb.
  11. Hi, I've been playing golf for about 2 months now. I've had some lessons from a Club Pro, hit the local driving range fairly regularly (2 times/week), have played 2-3 par 3 courses to work on my short game and have played 4 9-hole rounds so far. My short game with the high lofted irons is my best game. My worst is with the driver. With almost all of the woods and hybrids, I have a tendency to slice the ball, so that it goes off to the right (I'm a righty). I don't have that problem with the irons (6-SW), so I'm not sure where it's coming from. I get good shoulder and hip rotation, I keep
  12. Thanks CarlSpackler and Brian W. I have some questions, so I'll start asking them on new threads.
  13. Hi, I just started golfing about a month ago and, so far, I like it a lot. I have a starter set of clubs that I like (Callaway Strata), have had them re-gripped for my large hands, and have read Ben Hogan's first book (over and over). I've played 5 rounds of golf so far; all 9-hole rounds (3 different courses), have had three lessons from a Club Pro and try to hit the driving range once or twice a week. I also play some par 3 courses to work on my short game. I typically par one or two holes per round (usually the par 3 holes), play one over on another one or two and double or triple
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