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  1. I think the Tour irons (or mostly anything with the word "tour" in them) are meant for low-mid handicappers. I've not tried the X-20 Tour irons but enjoy the "basic" (read: newbie) version lots :)
  2. Buy a putter which suits your game style and stroke. The putter should give you confidence. You should feel comfortable with the putter, regardless of brand or slant.
  3. Congrats on your new purchases. I've been eyeing the Newport 2 myself. It's pricey but I'm inching closer to just splurging. Thing is, I just changed the grip and shaft of my driver yesterday and that wasn't cheap (though I love it to bits).
  4. Cool. I'll give them a shot when I next get a chance... where are those demo days, already?
  5. New technology promotes improvements in your game. I read somewhere that golfers are hitting their clubs by 10+% further now than they were 10 years ago. So, I believe that new equipment will help give you distance and accuracy. HOWEVER, if you have a bad swing, it's not going to change too much. Often, it's the golfer who needs the "upgrade" not the equipment. If you have a good and stable swing, then picking up new clubs will help. If your swing is flawed, then you may not do the new clubs much justice.
  6. The MX-700 woods are supposed to be incredible. I've not tried them myself but reports coming back from the 'field' are good :)
  7. I've got 3. Callaway PW, 46˚ Cleveland CG12, 52˚ Callaway SW, 56˚ Thinking of ditching the SW and going for a Cleveland CG12/14 58˚ or 60˚
  8. Budgetgolf.com has the Callaway X-20s (new) 4-SW for $399.95 :) See http://www.budgetgolf.net/xcart/prod...cat=289&page;=1
  9. I tried out my Burner 2009 3W (15˚) today and love it to bits. It's easy to get off the ground and distance-wise, it's decent. I managed to get about 220 yards with headwind. I'd recommend it :)
  10. I just picked this club up today :) Going to the range to test it out.
  11. I appreciate that you haven't really started golfing yet so may not be able to fully appreciate the sport BUT I would recommend that you give it a go first (w/o buying your own clubs just yet) to see how much you like it. If possible, see if you can rent a set for your coaching classes. This is because I think it makes more sense to pick up one good set rather than to buy a newbie set now and shortly after, buy a better set. I'm not saying that you should spend heaps on a new set right away but definitely spend on something which will allow you to enjoy the sport. Newbie sets are great but m
  12. I used to have the old Callaway Big Bertha 3W (yes, from years ago but it's still a great club). My Dad liked it so much, he kept it for himself. But I've always found that club and other Callaway 3Ws easy to get off the ground. (Note, I used it then cause I couldn't use a driver to save my life.) For the moment, I've stopped using a 3W. I've opted instead to play a Taylormade Burner 5W which is pretty awesome. Easy to use and to get off the ground. I'm eyeing the Taylormade Burner 3W too... but I don't know if I really need it.
  13. You don't like Callaway because there are a lot of fake Callaways? That's like saying you don't like DVDs or Rolexes because there are a lot of pirated DVDs and fake Rolexes.
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