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  1. My Swing (Nownt)

    Hey all, so Ive been golfing about 16 months, taken a handful of lessons from Micheal at Mira Vista in Ft Worth, and this is my current swing. I was hitting a fade and felt my self coming over the top so I moved back from the ball and now I have a small draw. In the videos below I have driver and 7-iron from side and front, just fyi one of my driver shots is horrible. but all comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks p.s. video are 720p portrait so best viewed if you blow up b/c regular they are cropped funny.
  2. shaft bent forward?!?!?!

    hmmm, well all my videos look like that. maybe it just is an illusion ...... feel free to check out http://akatrey.com/golf/trey/trey.html ( best to look on chrome or safari, ff doesn't like the html 5 videos yet ) .... all the front on videos do the same.
  3. what on earth would make the shaft bend that way? Thanks.
  4. which shaft for me?

    sorry for not being clear the 96 is with my 6 iron. No I didn't get to hit other shafts, he just had me swing my 6 iron ( taylormade r7 stiff steel ) and got measurements. He told me my launch angle was good and that I should shorten my club 5 iron 37 3/4. Thats about all.
  5. Just go fitted by Bo Hodnett in Plano and he said I need a extra stiff shaft, then I went to the shop and told the guy I was looking for extra stiff and he said that I should just go with stiff. On the sheet it says club speed: 96mph and everything else is standard, I was hitting my 6iron 180 - 190 .... any input? Also any ideas on shafts? Project x 6.5, x100 are a few I've seen but not really sure of the difference. Thanks. Thanks.
  6. So I just started playing golf this summer, took a few lessons at Hank Haney and just went at it. Right now my handicap is at 14, I was told this is "pretty damn impressive for a 1st year player without a golf background". Is this true? I suck and I'm a 14 ........ So my question is was this person full of it, or is 14 really that good? What is considered average for a beginner / amateur? Don't worry about hurting my feelings if 14 is bad. Thanks for any inputs.
  7. cart bag to carry bag?

    yeah probably just invest in a cheap cart of craigslist or something. thanks for the heads up.
  8. cart bag to carry bag?

    I bought a nike cart bag but would also like to carry it, was wondering if there is a strap or something that I can buy to turn it into a carry bag? It does have a single strap but looking to somehow get it to a double strap, thanks for any info.
  9. I know when hitting irons you want your hands to be sightly in front so the divot is slightly in front of the ball. Is the same true for higher irons 5-3? I can't seem to hit these for anything but pw-6 is like butter. Also is the approach different for drivers and fairway woods? I feel like I'm trying to use the same swing for all types of clubs but have a feeling they should be different. Thanks for any help.
  10. Dress Codes: Good or Bad for the Game

    I wear basketball shorts and t-shirt all the time to the golf course, it has nothing to do with my etiquette. I'm 25, kinda young compared to most golfers and always respond with "yes sir/ma'am", I let people play through when need be, hold the door open for people in the proshop when I'm entering or leaving etc..... I'm not saying this to get kudos but rather say that judging someone on what their wearing is pretty ignorant, hell if you go to my home town you'll see people wearing rags but are the nicest most thoughtful people you'll ever meet. What people wear while playing a recreational sport should be what their comfortable in, and most of important can afford. So I guess my vote is bad for the game because everyone should be able to wear what their comfortable in and shouldn't have to dress up to partake in a sport.
  11. can someone make sense of this scorecard?

    link to app http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/M...314895495&mt;=8 UI is iffy, dont really like it but usable. My home course wasn't on there so I followed the steps to get it added (had to email some pics of score card) and they had it up before the days end so good customer service also. Also they have gps version, if someone w/ a iphone 3g or 3gs gets this please pm me with how good it is, dont want to waste 30$. but all in all I Highly recommend but yeah went out today shot an 85 so a few more and ill post the screen to make sure its calculating correctly, thanks for the input.
  12. can someone make sense of this scorecard?

    yep, sounds good. I guess im going to have to get some rounds under my belt before it starts to make sense.
  13. I just downloaded an app for my iPhone and this is the generated scorecard, but it confuses the heck outta me. Any help with what all the numbers mean is greatly appreciated. I'm confused from score to net score, thanks for any input.