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  1. Gottem18

    can't take it to the course

    Yea I used to go to the range frequently and was in a similar situation to yours. I could hit any target on the range but was not quite spot on on the course. It sounds simple but you may want to try slowing things down on the course. I tried to make smoother practice swings and focus on a slow deliberate swing. This approach really helped me take my driving range swing to the course. Good Luck. MR
  2. Gottem18

    Ball closest to ProV1

    I gave the Nike One Vapors a try today and they do not spin quite as much as the ProV1's but do have siginificant bite to them. The big plus is they are only 30 dollars for a dozen. Also, if I am not mistaken the refurbished ProV1's you can find at Dicks Sporting Goods for less then thirty dollars were just miss prints cosmetically, but they play true to their normal more pricier counterparts. MR
  3. Gottem18

    Going to give this golf thing a try.....

    Good luck man! The free equipment has to be a big help when you are tryin to pay your own tournament fees. Keep us posted.

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