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  1. This is a gapping device. Nothing else. It gives you smash factor and whatnot but it will only tell distance and if a swing has hit the sweet spot. This alone can't solve swing flaws. You will need attack angle, swing path, dynamic loft, face to path, etc... That obviously comes with $6K and above launch monitors (SkyTrak being the exception).
  2. Nothing to worry about as you will be taking their money in future games. xD
  3. I'd get one immediately but it's not something to be unlocked through a fee. Looks like limited hardware, of course, something you'd expect for something that is 1/50 from the real LM. Data collected not so relevant to me and the data I want (face path, AOA) should increase the price point to at least 1K at this point in time. Hopefully we won't have to wait long but I'm seeing at least 1-2 years before something affordable can provide those KPI.