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  1. Well, I am certainly not being obtuse. It just makes little sense when considered fairly. Furthermore, why would it apply only when comparing winners of major championships? Certainly, it must not. How about a great player who one major championship in the 70's as compared to a very strong player today, who has not. Kevin Kisner>Tom Weiskopf? Or how about one of my favorite players, who I would love to see win a major championship, but to this point has two top-ten finishes in majors, Kevin Na. Kevin Na>Tom Weiskopf? You are right that Tiger set out to achieve what Nicklaus had achi
  2. The point pertaining to Nicklaus' comments in his autobiography though was simply that his comments there do not actually mean what some here seem to be proclaiming that they do. As for the quality of the field, I simply just do not accept your conclusions, as I briefly covered in my first comment above. I also do not accept that Nicklaus "moved the goalposts" as to what would lead to someone being characterized as the greatest player in the history of the game. Nicklaus has freely admitted that he is not universally viewed as such by everyone and that some would choose Woods, Hogan
  3. I would also say that I think that several of Jack's statements in his autobiography have been used in a misleading fashion here. It is true that Nicklaus stated in his autobiography, published in 1996, that the fields at the time were superior overall to the fields which he had played in, whether in the 60's or the 70's. I would say that this was probably, on the whole, true. However, he also stated, on numerous occasions, in the early to mid 2000's that the fields were somewhat weaker then they had been in the past, which I also agree with. In the 2010's, especially as the decade has progres
  4. The competition argument is really overblown, to be frank. We often hear people say that it is true that Jack played with other historic great players, but the depth of the field, top to bottom, was simply substantially weaker over his career than during Tiger's career. This is often said as a means of countering the argument as to Jack's absolutely unbelievable level of consistent competitiveness in major championships, therefore diluting, in relative terms, his records as to top-two, top-three, top-five and top-ten finishes in major championships. The problem is that this argument makes litt
  5. How I setup now is probably symptomatic of the lessons that I took as a kid in which my posture was criticized for slumping over the ball. I did notice that in the videos that I posted my weight seemed to be distributed more on my heels. I don't remember exactly what I was working on that day that was inducing that, but that is not really common for me.
  6. I included a link to my swing on Vimeo.
  7. I've been Playing Golf: Off and on for my entire life My current handicap index or average score is: Unfathomable My typical ball flight is: Left to right, although I also hook. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: The top, the slice, the hook, the duff, E.t.c. E.t.c. E.t.c. Videos:
  8. TryingtoPlay

    Starting Over

    Yeah, I was trying to work on it but I was really struggling. I brought my Dad along to that session so as to try to help me but we really were not able to get much of anything going. Due to the weather where I live and also due to his disappointment in how terrible I am (although he won't admit that openly) he told me that I should essentially quit playing until at least next Spring. It is all really pretty discouraging.
  9. It is an incredible honor any of the four, but I had to list them I think that it would be: The United States Open The Open Championship The PGA Championship The Masters ....in that order.
  10. TryingtoPlay

    Starting Over

    I practiced again on Tuesday, but I simply could not stop slicing the ball. It was as bad as it has ever been. The slice just creeps back in. I cannot seem to vanquish it with any permanence. I can eliminate it for a while, but it will it just always ends up rearing its head. It was demoralizing because I hit the ball as badly on Tuesday as I have ever hit the ball. It was completely hopeless. I hope that your game is coming along.
  11. We are in agreement on the laws. I just don't understand your use of tge phrade "away" from the path. Away from the path relative to what? It is all relative to the clubface. If you come-out-to in by 2°, we don't know what that ball is going to do in the air. If the clubface is 4° closed, that ball is going to start approximately 4° left and it is going to draw in the air. Obviously, if the face is 0° to the target, then it will start approximately straight and it will fade in the air.
  12. Yes, based on the differential between the face and the path. The point is that the ball is slicing due to the differential between the face and the path, not solely because of the path. In fact, in that scenario, the path is zeroed to the target. Movement in the air is hence just as much about the face as it is the path. The face predominantly dictates the initial direction of launch and the differential between the face and the path dictates movement in the air. My initial post was poorly written. I should have said that I see the opposite being just as true.
  13. I know that the old ball flight laws are incorrect. What do you mean by "curves away from the path." In the scenario that I listed above the path is square to the target and the face is 6° open. In that scenario, the ball will start well right of the target and it will slice. Again, that is a push slice, not just a push. It is differential that matters.
  14. Again, with a path that is 0 degrees to the target and a face that is 6 degrees open, that ball is going to start on the line of the face and it is going to slice. That is a fact. So, it depends on exactly what you mean.
  15. Yes, I was listing what the old ball flight laws told us.
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