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  1. I know the Vokeys have red emblems for the amature wedges, but how do you tell which VR has the old grooves? Do they still make the VR'S in the 2024 rule grooves?
  2. I am looking to purchase some new wedges and would like to know what are the best spinning wedges? I'm sure this has been covered but I know a lot have changed for groove rules. I don't care about the rule change because I'm obviously not a pro but which ones are still old groves in 2010? If I ubderstand correct,the red vokeys are the old grooves? What else spins awsome that is not a gimick club (spin doctor etc).
  3. I am shanking the ball very hard lately but I am almost positive the ball is not hitting the housel. I think I am blading it and its a half shank and half wicked slice. The ball goes 45 degrees right and has a slice to boot. I did notice that when I line up to the ball the toe of the club is off the ground and I would have to stand unconfortably close to the ball to get it to lie flat. I suspect this is a root of the problem because I rarely can hit a mid or long iron without chunking or blading it which causes the shank. I am 6 foot tall and am using off the shelf irons (adams insight). I was
  4. If you have hit both,give your opinions. Which is longer? Which is more forgiving? What is your swing speed? I have a Burner,and have hit the Monster and the guy at Dicks claims the Monster is 10-15 yards longer than the 07 Burner that I have. I have only hit the Monster on the simulator and am looking for opinions of those who have hit both on-course. I need to pick up a new driver for the upcomming season and am split between the Burner and Monster. My burner is a draw version because I had a slice,but by the end of the year I fixed my swing and now i'm usually 20-30 yards left of the fairw
  5. Thank you,they look the same and are offered with the same shaft so I always wondered the difference.
  6. What is the difference between the tour model and standard?
  7. Never tried the Mizuno, but the Burner and Monster seem about the same to me as far as straightness. Maybe he is having a problem with hitting fairways? I always love how when someone says the hit it over 225 yards no one believes them. I can carry 280 all day long on drives and have hit a 350 yard par 4 dead center on a dry day with a huge bounce and roll but i'm sure a 225 yard hitter wouldn't believe it until they see it. Point is I can see him hitting 260-275 without question,why not just stick to his question without throwing in "supposbly" and calling him out?
  8. I only hope it drives the price of the TP Black and Reds down since they are old tech.
  9. There fun but it brings out the dishonesty in a lot of teams. Last one I played we had a group in front of us that none of the 4 guys were hitting the fairway most of the holes, and somehow shot 15 under while we were 6 under! They must have had some incredible iron players and putters. The skins were another joke, 4 out of 6 were won by none other than the guy running the score board and skin sheets. Its a lot of fun to play but it sucks to see a bunch of dishonest chodes turning in 15 and 16 unders, while honest teams wonder how close to the top of the leader board they really were without e
  10. Don't waste your money on the Freak,its not as long as the HX Hot Plus. The Noodle+ (Taylor Made ball) I think is a hair longer than the HX hot and the Taylor Made TP Black is very long also. I have tried about every ball out there and the HX, Noodle+, and Black seem to be the longest for me out of everything I have tried. I have heard that a harder ball have more distance but thats not the case at all for me. The R9 is LONG as well as the Burner. There are so many variables that some clubs and balls might be longer for some but not for others, but these are the longest I have seen IMHO. I'd s
  11. Another vote for the Noodle+ ball here. The gamer is ok but the Noodle+ is much longer off the tee and has a softer feel off irons and the putter for a slight bit less $.
  12. Callaway HX Hot Plus and Noodle+ (taylormade ball) are the longest legal balls I have hit. If its a scramble and there isn't anyone really checking anything i'd suggest hitting up Fleabay and picking up a pack of Desperado balls that are slightly heavier and smaller and FLY.
  13. I just picked up a Nike 5 wood with a stiff steel shaft and what a great club! For some reason when I hit a regular shaft graphite,it slices like crazy on me.The steel shaft Nike has me seeing a part of the fairway I am not so familiar with (left side). I have been looking for somewhere online to buy a matching 3 wood but so far have not seen a SQ 3 wood with a steel stiff shaft anywhere.
  14. This was what I was looking for. Do you happen to know the shaft length on the regular Burner (07-08)?
  15. Do you know the shaft length on the 07/08? I know the 09 is longer but I am looking fo the shaft length on a 07-08 model.
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