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  1. i thought that too and then when i try to keep my weight back, it results in kind of high weak shots to the right. i think my shanking problem comes from failing to deliver the club correctly at impact, just another one of my struggles right now...sigh. i'm on the verge of getting lessons, but don't want to shell out the $$ at the moment.
  2. Sorry for the dramatic title, but I really do need some help. I used to be a pretty solid iron striker and used to think it was the strongest part of my game, but I've really fallen off over the past year. I took a few lessons last year and my game really felt the best it's ever been. I was hitting my irons solidly and was getting great distance. One thing that my instructor told me I was doing though was overswinging and really got me to feel like I was making more of a half or 3/4 swing. He also got me to rotate around my body too imagining there was a pole going down through the top of my h
  3. Thanks for that. Any advise on how to correct my swing path?
  4. Iron shots will start middle and fade right on a decent shot and then bad shots will go middle far right or just right from the get go. Driver will go more left and slice right or just push right. I've been working on starting with a more closed stance to promote inside out swing, but that usually results in just a pushed right drive.
  5. Long story short, I used to hit a nice draw and on mishits would overdraw or hook. My friend told me my swing was flight so I worked to steepen my swing a little and get the club more on plane at the top. Now I can't stop fading and slicing. My drive actually use to be very penetrating, but now its just a high banana slice. I've worked to try and get back to my old swing, but no luck. I feel like I have no control/idea of the club face in my swing, but know that my club face is open at impact. To compensate, I've been opening my stance a bit to square the club face, but I don't want to ge
  6. So I'm not sure exactly where I should post this, but I picked up a new set of irons for this season. Previously, I had been playing with a set of AP1 710's for about 10 years. To be honest, I was hitting those irons just fine, but when I recently came into a little $$, I figured upgrading to some irons with newer technology wouldn't hurt so I found a really nice set of Taylormade RSi 1's at a good price. Unfortunately, ever since I've been hitting these new Taylormade's, my swing and ball flight just doesn't feel right. I know it's the indian and not the arrow (or something like that), but I
  7. I recently cut down the shafts of my 4 and 5 irons to the length of my 7 iron. I don't really game these clubs as I usually just take out a hybrid whenever I feel like I need to use my 4 or 5, so I thought I'd tinker with these irons that I barely use. I know in cutting my shafts, I've changed the swing weights and adding lead tape might help a little bit, but what do I need to do with my lie angle? Anything else? Would it make thaaaaaat much of a difference if I left it as is with the shortened shafts? I've taken them out on the range and hit some good and bad shots. I'm attributing that
  8. Definitely over 20 swings. I say in the beg on a practice session I'm in the high 90's to 100. Towards the end of the session, I'm probably closer to 93-95. I went with a heavier shaft because I went from stiff to regular. Thought it might compensate cause I think im in between the two flexes.
  9. So I've taken several lessons within the past year and my driver swing speed has consistently been clocked around 95mph. I actually start around 100-103mph in the beginning, but after fatigue sets it, I'm usually in the mid 90's so I guess you could say I average 95mph. My pro said that I should definitely be using a stiff shaft. I purchased a M2 10.5 with the Aldila Rogue Stiff 70gram, but I have it set closer to 12 degree for 2-3 degree of a closed face. However, after hitting with that shift, it was just too stiff for me. The ball hardly went 200 yards and it was hard to keep it from slicin
  10. So I got my hands on a used M1 3 wood, but it came without the moveable weights. Does anybody know if the weights on the driver fit on the wood? I looked at Amazon for the M1 weights, and only say ones for the driver. I assumed they also fit on the 3 wood? Also, does anybody have any tips on putting the weights back in? Lastly, does anybody know how it would hit without the weights? Less forgiveness? Faster swing speed cause its lighter? Thanks!
  11. Wasn't sure if this was the correct forum for this, but does anybody know if there is a retailer or website that will accept trade-ins on driver shafts? Specifically, I got a Aldila Rogue Silver 70 gram stiff shaft with my new M2, but the shaft is just too stiff for me. I thought about just holding on to it and growing into the shaft, but think it's just a waste. Would rather trade it for a shaft that fits me or for something else. Thanks!
  12. So I don't hit any woods. I carry 5-GW and a SW and LW. I do have a 3 hybrid, but I use it sparingly. I usually just opt to hit my 5 iron as I can hit it pretty solid and get it to carry 185+. I have a 10.5 driver, but increased the loft to around 11 with an upright lie. I've also cut my driver to a playing length of 43.75. I've tried it all! Honestly, if I play from the middle tees (which I think is the right tees for my handicap range as I shoot low to mid 90's), I think I'm OK with driver distance. I can usually grab an iron for my second shot and end up OK. BUT, a lot of my frien
  13. Thanks. I think I've gone through that article and it's been posted up in the forums several times. I'm not saying it's a good article, but I just can't seem to apply its concepts to my swing. Same goes for lessons. I've had lessons with 3 different pros and there's really been no changes to my swing - or I guess the resulting shot of my swing. I love playing golf, but I would definitely consider myself more of a weekend golfer. I only get to play once or twice a month. Would really like to enjoy my times out there and start shooting a bit lower and I think focusing on hitting a power fad
  14. So for the longest time, I've been trying to learn and accomplish a draw with my driver. After taking several lessons and countless hours on the range, I think I can count the number of times I've actually succeeded in hitting a draw on one hand. . However, I have been able to tweak my slice into more of a fade and am now thinking I should just embrace the fade, line up on the right side of the tee box and let it rip. BUT, the one issue that remains is the lack of distance. One main reason I wanted to learn the draw was to get a bit more roll and more distance on my drives. Does anyb
  15. Is there a good way to determine what shaft weight I should be using. I recently hit a Taylormade M2 driver with the Aldila Rogue Silver 70 shaft. There were a few sprays left and right, but the shots I hit true were really nice. I have a 100mph swing speed and consider myself pretty athletic/strong. I try to keep my tempo at a 3:1 ratio. Would the 70g shaft be to heavy? It didn't feel too heavy in my hands and I'm coming from hitting 50-60g regular shaft for my driver. I'm moving up to a stiff shat and really interested on the specs I should be looking at for my shaft.
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