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  1. 2018 Tiger Debut - San Diego Open (Farmer's Insurance)

    https://www.pgatour.com/competition/2017/farmers-insurance-open/leaderboard.html (2017) https://www.pgatour.com/competition/2018/farmers-insurance-open/leaderboard.html (this year). He does hold the course record 72-HOLE RECORD: 266, George Burns (1987), Tiger Woods (1999). I hope he does well but I think it's a MC this week.
  2. My Swing (atanum)

    At A4 (top of swing), your right hip has moved ALOT targetwards. Which normally is good. But this might be a bit much. I think the earlier your BEND the left knee towards the ball target line (not allowing the left knee to drift laterally ) it will help things. Above all ... upload proper footage !
  3. My Swing (atanum)

    Try uploading driver swings to see the hips better. FO and DTL. YouTube of course. Your head dip early in the backswing seems alot. Is your weight too much on your toes ? I see sync issues ... where your takeaway is too much hands and arms. You made lots of progress from 2012 to 2014 ! To feel the hips move properly ... you might need a better setup. I think your left knee moves laterally (parallel to ball target line) too much and doesn't BEND enough (move towards the ball target line). But to maximize feeling the hips, try being more active with: setup normally and drop the club. Put your left hand on your knee. Bend the knee (knee cap move directly towards the ball target line) ... try this while straightening the right leg. Get the feeling. The setup again, drop the club and put your right hand on the front of your hip. Remember, the goal is to move your right hip AWAY from the ball target line. It really shouldnt move laterally AT ALL. Lateral sway is just a liability. Getting these two things started together (left knee bend, right leg straightening) early sets your hips on a different trajectory. Being able to see the knees (shorts) helps analyze the hips.
  4. My Swing (Thomasredstone)

    Very arms driven swing.
  5. My Swing (Used to Be a 3)

    Not the best camera angle. Try to keep the camera pointed parallel to the ground, not pointing into the ground. and you should be filming along the toe line. If the filmer wants to see you in the shot as they take it they have to: - kneel or sit on their bum and film from 10 feet behind. - or be 15 feet back and keep the camera at their belly button. - a tripod is better than a person everytime. To me, your setup encourages a flat inside takeaway. You are reaching quite a bit for the ball, as seen by the distance between your right thigh and your hands. This encourages the swing to go around the body (less up and down). Add to that your handsy takeaway where you pull the clubhead in early and hard and it gets you "too inside" "under plane". ... which causes the across the line look at A4 (top of swing). I'd work on setup and takeaway.
  6. My Swing (virtuoso)

    looks like a great position. Too much ER of my right shoulder is hard on my old rotator cuff.
  7. My Swing (ForzaTigre)

    Yes please. FO and DTL shots. Driver swings usually the best (IMO) Looks like you pulled it ? You appear to be above the plane on the downswing. Ball will go right and if you try to correct it too much you could block it left. Does you ball land left or right of target ? Does it start one way ... and end on another side ? Do you top it ? This site has many golf experts who charge hundreds of dollars an hour. Uploading good video can get you pro level advice at a good price. Sounds like a crazy good deal to me. People who are serious about improving will learn to film properly. You need to learn how to analyze your swing as well and good consistent footage helps alot. Here is some good footage (and a great swing). You dont have to combine DTL and FO footage into one video.
  8. My Swing (virtuoso)

    Transition ? I thought it was non-optimal POSITION. Isn't the goal to get your hands (red) a bit higher and your right forearm "more parallel" (green) to your spine at A4 ? Try playing around with how a different A4 feels. Go to the top, and then kick out that right elbow to get a feel for where you want right elbow. Try to keep your hands as far away from your right shoulder as possible (lotsa width). And figure out how to get there. I like IR on my rear shoulder at A4 because it's easy on my bad rotator cuff ! :)
  9. My Swing (virtuoso)

    pretty functional A6. Upload more driver footage ! Really detailed sunny weather images would be great. DTL and rear view (opposite of face on). Google: studying MORAD P6 - see PGA tour level A6 images. You look tour level. For A6, I think having your hands a little lower is better, and if you are a bit high ... it usually means you are coming in a bit steep. And you are a bit high. I love the PGA Tour Pros that have their hands really low and closer to the ball the better at A6. I see my old P6 / A6 thread gets a good ranking on a golf P6 google.
  10. My Swing (virtuoso)

    Wow. So powerful. And you look pretty solid in the impact zone. Amazing.
  11. My Swing (tristanhilton85)

    Two good threads on the hips are https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/66901-importance-of-the-hips-in-the-golf-swing/ https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/76114-how-to-make-a-centered-hip-turn/ The second one is a fav of mine. Hopefully some of the experts chime in ... with some proper instruction !!!
  12. My Swing (tristanhilton85)

    My 2 cents. Your head dips quite a bit in the backswing, I think that is often from having too much weight on your toes at address ... im sure other things could cause it as well. You look quite narrow at P4 ... your hands are too close to your right shoulder. At least a little overswing ... gets your right elbow so deep .... I dont see how it gets into a good position in the downswing. You EE quite a bit (tush line loss) to make room for the arms. Face On, Your head dips quite a bit in the backswing. A7 FO, your hips and shoulders are fairly square to the camera likely from a stall to wait for your hands and arms. At A6, your hands are behind the turn and you are coming in quite steep. your body has slid quite a bit targetwards ( you cant see the golf cart in A1, but you see it near your right shoulder at A6). Not sure about ... - are your legs a bit to straight at address ? your baggy pants make it hard to follow the knees. When I look at this previous video, this was marked hip restriction. The fairly flared feet and the lack of left knee flexing and moving laterally slightly tell the tale. A6 - similar to current A6. That lateral weight shift towards the target at the top of your swing gets your body very targetward. Hands dont have a chance !
  13. My favorite Peter Kostis analysis

    This is an impact position only a mother could love.
  14. My Swing (phillyk)

    You really go after a 9 iron ! I read someone called it "The Gentle Club". You seem to disagree ! A very unique swing. Do you hit your Driver a mile ? Upload some Driver Swings !
  15. My Swing (HJJ003)

    I missed that part. sorry.

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