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  1. I have seen golf on TV for over fifty years. I saw Jack and I saw Tiger, and they were clearly better than everyone else. Now, there are none. There are thirty. There are two dozen guys at least who can win a major. No one ever will surpass Jack and Tiger. The science of golf is max and the art of golf has followed. Tiger set the bar, and now everyone can hurdle it. Not only are these guys good, but they are the best as can be. The differences are so small, and the gap between them is tiny. Because of technology, medicine, and nutrition, because of digital photography and data, they know
  2. I'll bet the under on that. Rory, playoff, with how many? Too many hard holes coming in to go to -8.
  3. C'mon, they may look at lowering his $$, but can anyone make an argument that Kooch, as much as we love him, is a better symbol for your brand? The man moves the needle like nobody else in sports. In a field of thoroughbreds, Tiger is Secretariat.
  4. I know not to tempt the gods. I say good job to a player who has made a comeback in blackjack, or hits three in a row on roulette, and they lose everything. I'm a black cat.
  5. Didn't ya kinda know this was gonna happen someday? He wears a cape.
  6. He Jordan, be careful what you wish for! Welcome to Phil's world.
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