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  1. I have seen golf on TV for over fifty years. I saw Jack and I saw Tiger, and they were clearly better than everyone else. Now, there are none. There are thirty. There are two dozen guys at least who can win a major. No one ever will surpass Jack and Tiger. The science of golf is max and the art of golf has followed. Tiger set the bar, and now everyone can hurdle it. Not only are these guys good, but they are the best as can be. The differences are so small, and the gap between them is tiny. Because of technology, medicine, and nutrition, because of digital photography and data, they know exactly how to hit every shot, and how far they can hit it. The only question is can they execute it. That's the only variable. There will never been another Tiger or another Jack, like there will never be anyone who shoots 18 birdies and an eagle. Beyond the bounds of human ability with a stick and a ball. These guys are as good as it gets. What an era. What a privilege. Par is what your mother shoots.
  2. I'll bet the under on that. Rory, playoff, with how many? Too many hard holes coming in to go to -8.
  3. C'mon, they may look at lowering his $$, but can anyone make an argument that Kooch, as much as we love him, is a better symbol for your brand? The man moves the needle like nobody else in sports. In a field of thoroughbreds, Tiger is Secretariat.
  4. I know not to tempt the gods. I say good job to a player who has made a comeback in blackjack, or hits three in a row on roulette, and they lose everything. I'm a black cat.
  5. Didn't ya kinda know this was gonna happen someday? He wears a cape.
  6. He Jordan, be careful what you wish for! Welcome to Phil's world.
  7. -9 was Johnny's prediction. -8 might be too much. This is gonna be a good day for popcorn vendors and antacid pushers.
  8. To put it to bed, he's actually funny. Even Robin Williams heard crickets occasionally, and it was pretty good to see him get spanked. 😁 I love Speith, and it was love at first sight. He's my nomination for the next act after Phil and TIger. When he's leading, I'm watching.
  9. I liked the Byron Nelson comparison with Speith, and glad we didn't get the cliched "Lord Byron." Speith is a lock for the HOF. He might even have a quieter but similar personality of another Dallas-ite who wore knickers as a goof.
  10. I thought so, but didn't it sound strange. If he were 63, it would have sounded grouchy. He may be a better golfer than comedian.
  11. Did he use the computer track? The one that went off the green and came back on? lol
  12. Did anyone catch the post-round interview with Jordan Speith? One tiny thing that jarred me, that seemed off-key, esp for Speith. When it seemed to go a bit long when he was asked to comment on another golfer, he said, "I don't get paid for this." I think she noticed it, because she said, "Let's get back to what you are paid to do," and asked him a question. Did this seem kind of weird to anyone else? I know, picky, but I find it interesting to see unguarded moments.
  13. If this is in reference to me sitting in meditation on my cushion, then, you got me. 🙂 It's because of that practice I can be honest with myself. I do not have the testosterone to be in good shape anymore. I had it tested and it's within the range of "normal" for a man my age. Like my hearing, dammit. I have a mirror. However, in over a year of stretchy/bendy stuff, (I'm not so arrogant as to call it yoga), I have starting to reach my second belt hole reduction. It's a little too snug for eight hours of standing on my feet, but, still... I'm not doubting you have a solid workout practice and take good care of yourself. I think my yoga has helped me, both in life and golf, which are really the same thing. Namaste
  14. I dig double hole greens like 5/14 at Carnoustie. Very cool, old school. There was a teachable moment when Tiger waited for a golfer to put on 14. And waited until the other guy putted out before he lined up his own putt. If he had been practicing ready golf, tv could have told viewers that ready golf speeds up the game. Do we really need to see him walking around and squatting? He sank the putt, so what do I know? 🤷‍♂️ 😆
  15. Hurts like hell, second only to a cracked rib, in my experience. Pulled a groin playing volleyball. I had to reach down and pick up my foot by my pants leg to walk up stairs. Had a standard xmission and couldn't use my right foot on the brake pedal. Not a fun injury, and nothing I could do but go on the DL. Feel for ya, man.
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