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  1. I understand that many PGA players started out when they were kids. Most of them prolly (yes this is a word) had easy access to practice greens, and a club course they could always play on. (could be completely wrong, just assuming) im not wondering about those types of individuals that got to the PGA tour with a ton of time and commitment put into their game. I'm wondering if their are any PGA players that started late (earliest 18 years old) and what was their handicap they achieved in 1 year of playing golf. Ive heard that breaking 90 in a year is really good. breaking 85 is a sign to pursue it. 80 and I'd say quit your job and get after it! What was yours? 1. Age you started 2. Handicap after 1 year
  2. Does anyone else play worse if they play multiple days in a row? I recently played 3 days in a row and my scores got worse as the days went on. Note: my putting did not change Day 1: 87 (first time breaking 90 had some pars and even a rare birdie) Day 2: 93 (had 2 more penalties from my driver and a few scuffs from the irons that went a few feet) Day 3: 107 (driver started giving me trouble from the start. My fairway wood shots were hitting the dirt which never happens and is probably my best club. Irons weren't getting the distances they were supposed to and to top it off i bladed a chip) I feel like it's because as a new golfer (6 months) I start to overthink multiple things My wrist starts to get sore and I get lazy not bringing it back enough at the start. very minor aches and pains make me feel like my I'm trying to swing around them without realizing it. (Changing my swing so I won't feel the ache) I start to think about every nook and cranny about my swing I take a lot of time in my stance before I swing (this is a sign for me that I'm about to shank lol) I start to leave my eye off the ball to soon My tempo starts to go haywire because I have my focus divided into so many things. Overall I'll become very frustrated I don't think this is a problem for low handicappers because they have played for so long that they have a stronger mental game than new players. Just my 2¢ as a new golfer.
  3. He was using a wood and It was like 30 yards in front of us. Tree standing by it self with open area around it. I mean he hit the dead freaking center of it to where it couldn't bounce off into another direction.
  4. My friend cranked one dead center into a tree and we spent a good 5 minutes looking for it until we noticed all these little white pieces on the ground at the trees base haha. whats the ruling? Does he get a penalty? Where does he drop from?
  5. I got a new 52 degree wedge and I noticed that it's shaft is smaller than my 60 degree wedge that I've been having for awhile. my 52 degree length feels absolutely fantastic and I have a lot more control with it over my 60 degree (which I realize now why I've been choking up on it so hard) how much length should I cut off my 60 degree? I'd say my 60 is just shy of an inch longer than my 52
  6. So I just played my round best yesterday and only lost 2 golf balls! Which is really good for me because the course I live on has so much water and narrow fairways. The first time I went I lost a 24 pack of laddies.... so this made me happy in the wallet to say the least haha. anyhow I'm not sure where I should spend more time practicing so I wrote down my score into 3 different sections shots to get to pitching or chipping distance. pitching and chipping. putts. my score was a 100 with a 45 on the front and a 55 on the back... (I smoked on the back and I blame the 10 extra strokes because of this.) shots to chipping and pitching: 18 F 22B pitching and chipping: 9F 8B putts: 18 F 22 B Penalties: 0F 2B so in my opinion I think my distance with my long game is there I just need to work on my accuracy to lower my chips and pitches. my pitching chipping and putting all go together because I've already used my GiR so my first chip or pitch is actually counting as my first putt (if I'm going for scratch golf. my putting is horrendous because of the amount of pitching and chipping I had there should be no reason for any 3 putts at all. The only time I should 3 putt is if I hit an iron to the green. tell me what u guys think
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