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  1. Am I being an A**Hole

    I think it may have been a little over the top to push them if they were keeping pace with the 4-some in front. So many new/hack golfers really try and stay on "pace" by not trying to hit up into the people playing in front of them. Also, the guys didn't know anything about your normal tee-times or your quick rate of play, so they likely had no clue you guys usually breeze through a round. I think the right move would have been to let it be, knowing they had a 4some in front, then just dealing with it at the turn (after giving your buddy a text/heads up to come help out).
  2. Yep, Better golfer than 6 months ago! Finally bit the bullet and did one lesson at a local golftec. All we worked on was my takeaway and face angle through backswing. Has completely changed the way I make contact with the ball. No longer have the club face pancaked open through backswing so I am making really pure contact and taking even divots in my follow through. Simple little changes is what shaves off strokes, not total swing over-hauls!
  3. I have been using the vice balls for about 8 months now and absolutely love them. I have always been one of those guys who loves to play quality balls, but hate paying top dollar for them (and despise buying refurbished balls). I am going to do a full review on the balls I have tried the past couple of months, but wanted to share on this thread for anyone looking to try them-- Get the starter pack (with multiple sleeves). Don't jump right in and buy 5 dozen of one kind. Try them out. I thought I was going to need the pros and ended up liking the pro plus a little more after playing a few times. Bonus, use this promo code I found on RetailMeNot for a free sleeve of balls with your order: VICEBRLA I ordered 5 dozen with this promo code a few weeks ago and they dropped in 3 free sleeves with my order. It must depend on the quantity you buy. Be looking for a full topic thread on vice balls, I plan to do a full write up on them. More people should be checking these out, excellent value. Hit em straight guys!