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  1. Just played my last round today with my Dunlop irons ( cobras should arrive early next week :) ) Granted, I got mine about 8-10 years ago, but they lasted that long and are still in good condition. Never had any complaints about them, except the fact that the driver flex was way to flexible for me when i got stronger lol. All in all, they should be good reliable clubs for ya
  2. Taylor Made or Callaway???

    good argument. lol but yeah, just hit the range like everyone else said. See if you can get them both at the same time, and maybe do something like hit the R7 5 iron 10 times, then the X18 5 iron 10 times right after to make it easier to compare the two.
  3. Washing Clubs

    Usually a warm rag with a little car wash fluid works for me (i usually fill up a bucket and dunk the clubs in it then wipe them off, but you obviously wouldnt want to do that with the driver) Like Mr3Putt said, that area of your driver probably doesn't get too dirty, so you shouldn't be too worried about it needing a really good cleaning
  4. New Member from NorCal

    San Juan Oaks...man I played that course much sooner than i should have. That is one tough golf outing (at least for me) lol.
  5. Went to golfsmith today and tried out the Cobra s9's. Hit 15-20 balls with them and i fell in love. Every shot went straight and felt fantastic. Ordered them from ebay about a half an hour ago. Thanks for the advice everyone.
  6. Continuing in my research (i really over-think things before i make purchases lol) i've come across the Cobra s9's According to the 08 golf digest hot list and from what i saw on forums, they are really good irons for a high handicapper. Only problem is that i dont know where i could hit them around here. I'll have to check my local shop at home. Any opinions on the s9's? Thanks, Will
  7. I definitely plan on improving. The new Big Berthas have what they call "i-brids" which seem to be a sort of iron hybrid with a very wide sole. I think i'm actually going to head out to golfsmith today since i have some time. I don't want to buy from a store knowing i can get the same clubs online for much cheaper (and without tax), but I do need to get them fitted. If i bought them online then took them in to get fitted, what would that cost?
  8. I'm really considering the Big Bertha '08 irons. What's everybody's take on the i-brids? Would they work out for the long run when my game improves? I want clubs that i can play for a long time
  9. Thanks for all the advice everyone. The Callaway fusions and Ping G10's seems to be way out of my price range, so I can't really consider those. I saw the Big Berta '08 irons at the shop yesterday, and didnt really look at them there because they were too expensive (but are 399 at rockbottom which is withing my range) but i did notice them for the weird long irons. With all the love for callaway in this thread, I'm thinking about trying these out. Since I can't try out any of the '06 irons, what are the major differences between the two? Also the X-18R's are $369, what do you guys think of those? Theres a Golfsmith up here in San Jose (never been to it) but i'm thinking of going tomorrow to maybe check some sets out. Btw the 30 handicap is just a rough estimate. I usually hit 99-110 on 18
  10. Hi, I've been playing golf much more often lately than I ever have before (from once every month or so maybe, to now consistently once a week) I've been using the same clubs for years (Dunlop xti - don't ask, I think they were around 150 for the full set at target or something when i was in jr high lol - I'm 20 now) So I'm looking to get a new set of irons. The max I want to spend is $399, and I have been looking at Taylormade R7's, Cleveland CG Golds, Nike Sumos, and possibly Taylormade Tour Burners (they are 429 on rockbottomgolf, and i'd only consider them if they sound like they are really worth the extra money) Today I hit the sumo's and CG golds (sadly they were only in graphite at the store i went to) at my local shop at their simulator, and generally liked how the sumos felt over the CG golds. I also played 18 using my friends R7 draws, and noticed an improvement of the consistency of my shots, but i'm not sure i need draw irons (i felt like the weighting affected some of my short game shots, but that could have been mental) I'm really just looking for some general advice about these clubs, and any other clubs at this price range. Also any comments from people with experience with any of these sets would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Will
  11. Light's Out for the rest of the NHL

    Hahaha that would be hilarious. Even though i have nothing against Hossa. I'm hoping the Hawks or Canes win (i dont like crosby, or the wings) Sadly my Sharks failed the city once again. Then the Canucks lost. Then the Caps. My 3 fav teams, in order.
  12. Halo from Pebble!!!

    I also live in the Monterey Bay area (in SJ for school) and played Laguna a few weeks ago. For me at least (30 handicapper, hit a 110 there) it's a pretty tough course. Challenging and steep bunkers on a lot of the holes (which was what killed my round sadly) but overall an interesting layout thats fun to play. Hopefully i'll enjoy it more when i get better. I played Rancho Canada East today and had a really good time. Great course that is just really enjoyable to play. Looking forward to playing the West course soon. PG is a great course (esp taking location and surroundings into consideration) and the back 9 is really fun. Only played there once but hope to take my friends i currently golf with out there sometime. Make sure to check out Quail Lodge sometime too.