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  1. I'm in a similar boat here. After the state tournament next week my high school golf career is over, and i'm just as inconsistent as you are. This season my tournament scores have been: 81, 74, 90, 75, 73, 83, 74, 88, 72, 77, 96, 77, 76, 75, 79. For me, I don't want to quit. The fact that I have put this much time and effort into getting where I am today shows the difficulty of this game and that grows my respect towards it. I am not playing college golf next year as my only offers were from NAIA and D3 schools that didn't interest me much, and as of now I will not have a career in golf, but t
  2. You never know that persons knowledge of the proper swing, maybe they're just awful at putting and chipping. I think it's always important to at least consider other information.
  3. I've done it with a 52 with the right lie, I do it all the time with a 58
  4. I have a Callaway Big Bertha Alpha with a stiff shaft (my irons are super stiff, my woods are stiff) and I can't hit it very far. I can hit my 7 iron 145-155 using a typically relaxed swing (i'm not trying to hit it very hard), I can hit my 3 hybrid 200-210 and a 3 wood as far as 225 yards off the tee, however I can only hit my driver an average of 230ish. My longest drive was 290, 250 yard drives are somewhat uncommon and 200 yard drives are relatively common. I can post a video if needed but as of now I'm curious about anything people have done when they were in a similar situation. I should
  5. if he's going as he is now, he can definitely do it. If you take his 2 wins he already has then he is certainly a contender. yup that'd be me. I did not know you could merge accounts, i'll have to do that.
  6. Can we just talk about Justin Thomas for a second? I posted around last May asking who everyone thought would be the next big golfer, I said Justin Thomas. He's been my favorite golfer since he was a freshman at Bama and I started to get into golf, and now he's blowing up. I don't see an end to it. Prediction: Justin Thomas will have 6 tour wins this year including last week and probably this week. He will grab a major, possibly the masters as he did pretty well in the first round last year. What'd yall think about him as a player and a person? Is he the next big golfer?
  7. it's 76 right now, high of 83 for the week- low of 51. Welcome to Texas.
  8. It's a hot day, about 96 in October. It's the first par 3 at Falconhead CC, about 135 yards from the tips I believe. I grab a 7 iron since it's slightly downhill and i'm more comfortable with it than my 8. I hit my tee shot after my buddy lands his ball 8 feet from the pin on the fringe. The ball has a lot of loft and spin (as i wanted it to) and lands about a foot in front of the hole to the right of it, it bounces and as it meets the green it spins back and left at the hole, we both thought it went in. We go up to the green and realize that the pin was blocking the view of the ball but it's
  9. 1- I'm now a senior in high school and my current lowest in high school tournament round was a 79, I plan to break 76 (personal tournament best) in a tournament this year. To accomplish this i'm working on my short game A LOT and making my driver swing (only bad club) more consistent, accurate, and get more distance. 2- To get an average drive of 250 yards, currently it sits at 215 and goes to 230 if I dont count my major mishits (slices or hooks). I'm doing some golf exercises, trying new shafts, new balls, and hitting my driver way more than I ever have. 3- Break or hit even par...
  10. Ha I actually didn't know he played barefoot until now, but don't give me that much credit- I still only score around 80; that's a cool fact though, did he play in events while barefoot? I would still say they can't be to terribly harmful to you, i've only seen those signs at a few private courses anyway- never at a public course.
  11. I only kick off the boat shoes at address and only while in the fairway/tee box. I also doubt anyone would see/care, my only concern is would I be allowed to do it at a High School level tournament
  12. I used to play golf without shoes on (I wore sperries until it was time to swing) and I still much prefer the feeling of playing without shoes on, is this legal? is in legal in some instances while illegal in others? I'd definitely do tit in tournament if it's allowed.
  13. Walked 18 holes today at Falconhead Golf Club (Austin, TX) shot a 79, did not expect to play that well. 70.9 rating, 128 slope, 6300 yards. Hit 8/18 FIR, 6/18 GIR, 31 putts. Almost had my second hole in one today, 1 inch from the hole!
  14. See if you can't even sneak of to your local athletic retailer and use the hitting room or putting green. If not then just maybe practice your fundamental swing (while alone of course, youll look weird to others).
  15. I think probably about 15% of players I've played with in tournament I've caught cheating, granted these are high school tournaments, but still. I would say most of the people in Amateur tournaments (like from your local PGA chapter) don't cheat because they have respect for the game and their competition. I'd say it's the same scenario on here, probably about everyone here respects golf to the point they know cheating is wrong and would never shame the game of golf that way. But as a whole, even in amateur tournaments through STPGA, TJGT, and Junior Golf Tours I've done I have played with a l
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