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  1. Ha I actually didn't know he played barefoot until now, but don't give me that much credit- I still only score around 80; that's a cool fact though, did he play in events while barefoot? I would still say they can't be to terribly harmful to you, i've only seen those signs at a few private courses anyway- never at a public course.
  2. I only kick off the boat shoes at address and only while in the fairway/tee box. I also doubt anyone would see/care, my only concern is would I be allowed to do it at a High School level tournament
  3. I used to play golf without shoes on (I wore sperries until it was time to swing) and I still much prefer the feeling of playing without shoes on, is this legal? is in legal in some instances while illegal in others? I'd definitely do tit in tournament if it's allowed.
  4. Walked 18 holes today at Falconhead Golf Club (Austin, TX) shot a 79, did not expect to play that well. 70.9 rating, 128 slope, 6300 yards. Hit 8/18 FIR, 6/18 GIR, 31 putts. Almost had my second hole in one today, 1 inch from the hole!
  5. See if you can't even sneak of to your local athletic retailer and use the hitting room or putting green. If not then just maybe practice your fundamental swing (while alone of course, youll look weird to others).
  6. I think probably about 15% of players I've played with in tournament I've caught cheating, granted these are high school tournaments, but still. I would say most of the people in Amateur tournaments (like from your local PGA chapter) don't cheat because they have respect for the game and their competition. I'd say it's the same scenario on here, probably about everyone here respects golf to the point they know cheating is wrong and would never shame the game of golf that way. But as a whole, even in amateur tournaments through STPGA, TJGT, and Junior Golf Tours I've done I have played with a lot of cheaters, it's always the same guy too- your typical "golfer", he plays because he can smack the ball far (with a slice) and has little respect for rules and courtesy as a whole (steps in lines, moves while hitting).
  7. I used to have a lot of trouble finding an instructor before I started getting lessons from a friends dad (former PGA tour player and former PING Swing Coach) for only $40/session (1 to 1 1/2 hours). Before I found out about him, though, I went through several coaches. I used to ask instructors the same questions via email and it helped weed them out: 1- What are your credentials as a coach/player? 2- What success have your students had in the past? 3- Where do you succeed the most on the course (compare to what you need the most help on)? 4- Could we do a short free/discounted introductory lesson (I've found that many coaches are willing to do these intro lessons for free/cheap)? On occasion I'd throw in some other questions. Since you're probably a newer player almost all instructors who are credible (not just the guy who shoots in the low 70's) should be able to give you some tremendous strides forward. Also what you may look into is clinics, most coaches typically have regular clinics of several people that are pretty cheap (I usually find em around $25-$40/hour). These clinics allow you to see how well the coach can communicate to you and what type of teaching style he has and if you think he'd make a goof private coach. Best of luck to you, finding a coach is a tough but important part of golf that will really take your game to the next level. Remember though, not every good instructor is a PGA affiliate or has been playing for a century; when I was a new golfer I found a coach (through a clinic) that was fresh out of college, he was 23, played golf at an FBS school, and worked in the pro shop while doing amateur tournaments for extra cash. He was easily one of the best coaches I've ever met and even now (years later) I still use and remember what he taught me to get out of the bunker, and i'm one of the best of the sand that I know. I got lessons from him years ago for $45/hour, $75 for a playing session, today he's the head pro at a course an hour away and he charges $75/hour and $130/playing session- ya never know. Additional question: Your index says 6.5? I wouldn't say thats junk and how did you get so low without a coach in the first place? thats a tough accomplishment. That much for lessons? Here in Austin thats about how much you'll pay for a well known coach. For example, Lonny Alexander is a coach at Onion Creek Country Club; he's played in 8 PGA tour events and won the Harvey Penick Teacher of the Year Award- he charges $125/hour. That sucks they cost that much over there, most of our locals our $45-$65/hour.
  8. yea that's probably the true, but even in the state tournament last year we played them as lateral hazard. But now that i think about it I don't think Regionals was though, but luckily I played well at Regionals- I don't think I went OB once. I rarely go OB anyway because i'm pretty accurate with all my clubs and I play smart, I can't seem to lower my score a whole lot at the moment though because sadly I don't hit the ball very far (Driver is 225, 4 iron is 165, 7 is 135, 9 is 125). But again thanks to my home course ive gotten really accurate, we have some of the skinniest fairways I've ever seen, and there is no rough- just trees and more trees.
  9. Thats not a big deal because it doesn't really affect others. I will do that when I play casually with friends and such. Also thanks to UIL High School Golf Rules I do get to play OB as a lateral hazard- its great.
  10. Played 18 holes with the old man today at Roy Kizer (par 71, 6412 yards, 70 rating, 117 slope). Even broke my personal best, shot a 76 (+5). 14/18 or 78% FIR, 11/18 or 61% GIR, 34 putts or 1.89 putts/hole, 1 birdie, 4 bogeys, 1 double, 12 pars. What a day that was, had a great round, we were grouped with some new players, but they were nice as can be so it was all fun. Now tomorrow it's off to Falconhead!
  11. Yea i know what you mean. I feel like i've hard to work twice as hard as my teammates to get to their level (now i'm better) even though they'd never play golf. It's all about practice, not just going and hitting the ball, but diligent and worth while practice. Also you've just gotta keep a cool head and diagnose your on course problems. Like this morning I hit the range before playing a new course and I couldn't hit a single ball. By the time i teed off I still couldnt hit, but over 2 or 3 holes I took it easy and focused on my fundamental swing; broke my personal best on 18 holes! All because I kept a cool head and steady tempo and reacted accordingly. If you have the time i'd look for this book or just buy it here some of the advice he gave really helps. When I started to really follow it I found my scores lowering drastically and quicker than ever before.
  12. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the course today, so I should did some chipping and putting in the backyard.
  13. 10/7- Walked 9 holes at my local course with a buddy of mine who trying to get better at golf. Course: Quicksand Golf Club at Woodcreek (Front 9)- Par 36, 3030 yards Score: 42 FIR: 5/9; 55%, Par 3's= 1/2; 50%, Par 4's= 3/5; 60%, Par 5's= 1/2; 50% GIR: 3/9; 33%, Par 3's= 1/2; 50%, Par 4's= 2/5; 40%, Par 5's= 0/2; 0% Club accuracy: Driver= 33%, Hybrid= 57%, 4 iron= 100%, 5 iron= 0%, 6 iron= 100%, 8 iron= 50%, PW= 100% Chipping (within flagstick): 75-100 yards= 0/1; 0%, 25-50 yards= 1/2; 50%, 10-25 yards= 0/1; 0%, <10 yards= 1/3; 33% Putting: 18 putts, avg 2 putts/hole, 10-15ft= 0/3; 0%, 5-10ft= 1/7; 14%, <5ft= 8/8; 100% Scoring: Par 3's= 3.5, Par 4's= 4.6, Par 5's= 6
  14. This is my friends swing, he's trying to play golf his senior year so he has about 5 months to get better- he asked if i could post his swing on some sites for feedback. He's been Playing Golf for: probably a year His current handicap index or average score is: 100 His typical ball flight is: Pull or hook, occasional top The shot he hates or the "miss" he's trying to reduce/eliminate is: His hooks which are constant, and his pulls. Videos: 5 Hybrid Swing- Side View: He came down a little on top of the ball causing it to fly pretty low, probably would've gone 150 yards. Club: Callaway Strata 5 Hybrid 7 Iron Swing- Side View: The ball flew well, but he pulled it a bit and it landed left of the green. Went about 130 yards. Club: Callaway Strata 7 Iron He pulls the ball a bit (closed club face at address) and also hooks it, it's not uncommon for him to top the ball.
  15. Exactly I always report it if I know it happens, but only if im positive it happened. I've been accused of cheating when I didn't and it's a huge moral killer and it really pisses you off; ruining your game.