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  1. I have been using these clubs the last few days and omg what beauties they are. I'm guessing they must be at least 28 years old but I've never hit a ball so good. My average 7 iron distance was about 140 yds with these I'm cracking them 170yds plus straight as a die. They may be old but I'm gonna use them. Just worried the old graphite shafts will give up on me lol.
  2. I think this may be an issue in the UK then as US seems to have it right. I don't really want a membership with one course as I play in a society and we play many different courses. Just feel many golfers would like 9 holes only and be nice if the clubs provided that.
  3. Yeah but then you're restricted to those times so clubs need to offer all day 9 hole rates. Golf is stuck in the early 1900s it desperately needs to move on to survive.
  4. I love golf but I don't have the time to play 18 holes over 3 or 4 hours and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Many golf clubs here will not charge a reduced rate for 9 or 12 holes. You pay for 18 and that's that. Isn't it about time golf clubs got with the modern fast paced world and started catering for 9-12 holes I'm sure it would appeal to a much bigger audience and bring new revenue into the dying clubs. Thoughts people?
  5. Not interested in value at all. Just want to know who they were aim at ie: High handicapper, mid etc are they forged, cast. My father was a good golfer yet they seem like a cheap club so a bit bemused as to why one would get these clubs. There's very little on the web so was hoping someone on here had used them and could shed some light
  6. I bought the Wilson's and sold them 4 days later they were awful. Found out they were nearly an inch longer than the Benross and just buried them into the ground every shot lol
  7. OK folks any of you been around long enough to tell me about these clubs. They are my dads old clubs recently found and would love to know why he choose these as he was a decent player of 7 and won many senior comps. He's not around to ask why these clubs so hoping someone can shed light on these. He had them in graphite shafts
  8. OK thanks folks maybe there's an opportunity for a website that talks about old clubs I'm sure I'm not the only one with an interest
  9. Hi folks anyone know of a website or resource that lists/talks about/reviews old clubs? I'm starting to build up quite a collection of 1970 onwards clubs (mainly found out the back of charity shops about to be thrown away a😕) and be nice to know a little about them. I've googled without much luck finding any such sites
  10. Hi folks, at the moment I have Benross Max Speed 2 irons and I find the distance I get is pretty poor 7 iron avg 140yds. I've seen a set of Wilson D100 irons brand new for £130 and am very tempted. Does anyone know if there much difference between the 2 sets ie do the Wilson's give extra distance. My swing speed is about 70mph with the irons due to a back injury it will never increase so is it worth buying the Wilson's or just stick with the Benross? All thoughts welcome
  11. Hi all been out of golf for a few years and just got started again. Had a wonderful game on a par 3, 9 hole course and really enjoyed it. Is there a list of par 3 courses in the UK I've tried googleing with not much luck. I'm getting old and sore so 9 holes par 3 was perfect to keep playing lol
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