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  1. I am going to focus on my 5 wood and mini driver next - I need a reliable 200 yards off the tee to bring my scores down and a 200 yard recovery shot with my 5 wood. I will be at the range on the weekend so will post some footage of my driver swing, it is now a reliable push slice! My instructor has suggested it is down to slow hands which you mentioned, he feels everything is right to hit it much better than I do but with a long stick in my hands I am not turning the clubhead over, i.e my release is delayed - he has had my forcing what feels like a casting motion, but I worry that this will me
  2. Had a fun round and scored my first birdie this weekend, it should have been a hole in one! I was literally 10 inches form the hole, I had 47% GIR which for me is just nuts. I have been working on my wrist set on the back swing as you suggest Eric, in the end I bought a cheap swingyde and a short practice club (A weighted small gizmo with grip trainer and a short shaft with weights) - it really helped, as soon as I picked up some confidence I was hitting some great shots, one of them here, I am obviously guilty of raising up on the back swing still, and that right foot does seem to come up ear
  3. Portugal mate - specifically the Algarve, it is the goto place in Europe for sunny golf breaks and it is rammed with courses to play.
  4. A dusting of snow here in the UK today - I have been able to get out most weekends but struggling to get playing partners sticking to tee times because it is so darn cold, and those that do only want to play par 3 courses :( So another par 3 it is tomorrow - I have just got my hands on some new thermals and am looking to pick up a new putter from the pro shop tomorrow so that might cheer me up, oh! And I am off to the island of Menorca in July for a round with my son so well pleased at the prospect of that. I really need the weather to sort itself out, I am getting properly depressed, I need s
  5. Managed to get out today, with a duel purpose! The wife did sort me out with a new GoPro for xmas so I was able to grab my first ever footage, a few swing shots in here, but the swing has been set back with a lack of practice over the holidays, I am posting here more as a reference so I can look back over the year at progress and I am also feeling rather chuffed at the quality of the video!
  6. I make bad decisions on the course driven by a desire to be playing golf, rather than playing safe. Another factor is that my good shots are OK, in that down range video that is an 8 iron sailing past the 150 marker dead straight into the darkness, but my bad shots often end up sailing in exactly the same way out of bounds or into the woods because even my bad shots get distance, see the slice? It went over the fence and vanished into the fields beyond, my blow up holes end up being 8s and 9s as I end up with penalty strokes, drops and lost balls. I think if I rained in that over swing as you
  7. Thank you iacas - I do actually have some notes on my phone about my over swing, I noticed it before and my teacher did point it out as well, I think it has developed because it does not feel very powerful to only bring my shoulder up to my chin, this is where I was then rising up out of the stance, I am not moving as much but the arm motion has now been grooved in and I seem to have a rather flexible shoulder enabling that to happen. I have never noticed how high my chin is! Regarding your point about the time i have been playing, do you think that is just down to confidence and experie
  8. To be honest (and as a few folk here will know) I am not sure I am getting great instruction - I have not actually been given any drills by my pro, he works with me in a lesson with almost no goal or target, it is more of a troubleshooting 30 min session and he often leaves me more confused than anything else, that being said I am now working on my backswing, stopping my shoulders from tilting so that my spine angle is better, I did had a tendency to lean to my right during my swing, it is much better now. I have come up with my own practice plan, which is 1) club drop drill for hip
  9. I've been Playing Golf for: 5 Months My current handicap index or average score is: handicap unknown! I shoot on average 115 My typical ball flight is: anywhere! The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: slice and hook Firstly sorry for the mobile phone footage and the night time recording it is not ideal but better than nothing and sorry for such a poor swing! I have a GoPro on the xmas list so will provide better video in the future. I have posted a few threads asking for advice and have been asked to post a swing thread so.. here we go. on the downrange cli
  10. OK I should be able to get to the range in daylight tomorrow so will grab my tripod and throw up a swing thread. I appreciate you taking the time to respond iacas I am always blown away by how friendly the golfing community is.
  11. Women's underwear aside - did you guys have any thoughts on the shoulder turn point made by my pro? The sentiment of the original post was around having to change my swing recently to incorporate that feedback and I am not convinced that it is actually good instruction. I do appreciate that you need to see my swing so I will post up some video this week for you.
  12. I know what you're saying and you are right - I do believe that if I took a 7, 8 9 and a couple of wedges out I could break 100. I can carry my 7 around 160 my 8 130-150 and my 9 is good up to 150 with a thump, as I mentioned under 100 I have a semi decent pitch shot, I can play bogey and double bogey golf like that for sure, but I don't want to JUST break 100 at any cost, I want to learn how to play. My goal is to be able to hit driver and bang it 300 yards then launch an iron onto the green and hole it for par, over and over and over again while women throw underwear at me and men marve
  13. I would say that what I have is more of a spasm, with a golf club in my hands. I will record my next range session to get the right footage for the swing thread content - I guess I am due some public feedback :)
  14. Yes - in fact that is mostly how I hit my wedges, stacked up to the left (not as stacked as that fella mind), it is one of the better parts of my game - I spent a week working on a simple pitch shot from within 100 yards to save me from scores of 130+ - put me within 100 yards and I am confident, put a putter in my hand and I am happy, drivers and irons are my problem because the motion of a full swing is just alien to me still. I am actually to embarrassed to do a swing thread, my swing really is that bad :)
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