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  1. I'm looking for a new putter and i like the heel shafted putters. So my question is, what will be the main difference between these three putters (Scotty Del Mar, Method 003, Rife Abaco) feel-wise. I haven't had a chance to put with these and i was wondering if anybody has had any experience with them thanks SP
  2. its not that i purposely do it its just part of my swing
  3. Well, if I'm going to have 4 wedges in my bag i might as well have them be put to good use. Its easier to hit 60 yds with my 85 yd club than 60 yds with my 105 yd club. I'm not here to argue or to look "cool" or tell everybody i hit it longer than i actually do. I wouldn't want to waste my time making up lies that are pointless, or waste your time for that matter, i'm here to get some advice. And due to the fact that i de-loft the club so much its hard for me to even hit a 3-iron so its serving no use in my bag anyways
  4. yeah i just get a crazy amount of shaft tilt at impact and just de-loft the hell out of the club, thats where i get the distance from
  5. i was thinking the 64 would be for an 80-90 yd shot
  6. well im alright with it but i dont know if i could make it much more efficient because i dont have a club at the moment that i can hit 80 yds with a full swing and its a shot that i really need as well as the 120 shot with the courses i'm playing. i was just wondering if anybody would seem to think that the lofts were too high or if there was a better idea in general. thanks
  7. well i have been thinking about moving to 4 wedges and dropping my 3 iron to accommodate for an extra wedge. i have also been hitting my wedges much farther than normal(SW 115, LW 105) so i was thinking about going from a 47* PW to a 52* 58* 64* so i can have them to play 135, 120, 105, 85. what do you guys think about this set up?
  8. Yep they are amazing, i just got them last weekend and switched from AP2's with a project x 5.5 and went with the ZB in the S300's and i have gained atleast 10 yard on every club due to the better shaft(fits me better)
  9. where is there a sale on pentas? how much are they going for?
  10. +1, i think they both had some good breaks throughout the tournament but oosthiezen dominated.
  11. Well since you hook your 5 wood, alot of hybrids tend to cause people to hook the ball so maybe you should try a 4 wood
  12. I love going to practice rounds. i love to just watch pros on the range and watch them hit and see what they're working on and any drills they are doing. i figure they're the best people to learn from. but unless your girls are into just watching people hit golf balls or putt for a long time then idk how interested they will be. last time i followed john daly on his practice round for a few holes and that was kind of fun and i got a ball that he was using that he threw into the rough and i later got him to sign it.
  13. Congrats!! i recently did the same thing a few weeks ago, i shot 69 on a par 71, had 7 birdies, two bogeys and one triple.
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