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  1. Good morning everyone, I have recently moved into a neighborhood that has a great free driving range. When I went to check out the range yesterday everything was great except for the mats and grass. You can hit from wherever you want but the grass is not well maintained so it’s not ideal hitting from the grass. The mats are pretty old and torn up and warped and not worth hitting from either. I think the best idea is for me to buy a mat and take it to the range with me. When I was looking online today at mats there was so many different types and sizes and prices. I was looking to see if anyone has any recommendations for a mat for the situation I am in. I am hoping to be able to use all my clubs and be able to drive chip pitch and use all my irons with this mat. I am not looking to spend an arm and a leg but I also don’t want crap. Thanks for the everyone help.
  2. I use midsize grips because I think they are more comfortable. I think with standard size grips there is to much air/space between my hands and the grip which can cause inconsistencies for me (feeling the club move through impact). With the midsize I hold the club better (not tighter) and I don't feel the club moving as much with my fairway woods. I am only 5' 8 so I don't think it has to do with hand size.
  3. To the front edge at 40 yards I would use a 56 in the fairway and the rough. If its in the rough I will give it a 3/4 full swing and give it good enough height to stop it where it lands. That is a shot I am very comfortable with. If I am in the fairway I will use a 56 but its hard for me to consistently get the ball up and down. I will top some, hit some fat, very inconsistent. From the rough I am consistent that's why I like being in there more. Anymore than 50 yards I will hit a 52 from rough and fairway.
  4. I am extremely comfortable chipping from the rough compared to the fairway. I am not exactly sure why, and I know I need to get some lessons. (I plan on getting some in the spring since its already so late in year up here in PA.) In my approach I would much rather put it left, right, or far then to leave it short. I feel this way because its a lot easier to get the ball up and down sitting right were you want it. I am talking from within 40 yards. When in the fairway I have distance control problems within 40 yards. I feel its because of the inconsistency of the launch angle. If I hit it to hard the angle is to low and I launch over the green and if I hit it to soft the angle is to high and just comes up short. I just wanted to see if anyone else felt the same way or if this was typical for a high handicapper to like the rough from within 40 yards?
  5. Yea, I would ask them to move left or right of my line maybe 1 or 2 putter heads.
  6. To me the a bad golfer is someone who is extremely inconsistent in all aspects of their game and has a few snowmen (8) on their scorecard but also makes par on a few holes. To me a bad golfer shoots above 98 consistently. Another definition for a bad golfer is someone who does not meet the standards they have set. So if you set a standard of making par and you shoot 10 over then you feel like you played bad. But if someone sets a standard of shooting a 100 and they shoot a 95 then they are good. It changes day to day based on the person.
  7. That would make 7 majors a year? It would take away from the term major and make the wins not as significant as they should be. Sorry the PGA tour pays better tell Europe to pay more and more players might want to play there.
  8. Yea I would say a lot of people just don't know better because they were never taught the right way. I definitely didn't know when I first started playing. I bet I still do things that are against golf etiquette but the only way I learn is when people teach me. I picked up the game in my early 20s never had a father figure to teach me the game.
  9. I grew up in NC just south of Raleigh, not currently there anymore. Looking to get back there eventually. I completely agree with you, they even have munis with lights, so you can play at night if you think its to hot during day or play at night once the kids are in bed. The winter is not to long so you don't miss out to much on golf. There is a lot of different courses to play so you don't get bored and they are never overcrowded.
  10. So recently I switched my Driver and fairway woods to midsize grips, I really love them. All my irons and hybrids still have standard grips. I really like the way I am hitting my irons with standard grips, I have thought about switching them to midsize but I don't really want to mess with how well I am currently hitting them. Is this common for people to use different size grips on different clubs? Do you think it could hurt my golf game in the long run by using two different size grips? Do you think I should just swap to all midsize now and it could benefit my game?
  11. I use free caddie just to get distances to front mid and back of green.
  12. I enjoyed watching this, I couldn't believe the bounce the one girl got in the semifinals.I am not sure how they allowed that. There is no way it was natural for the ball to do that. It had to have hit something. Maurice Allen is entertaining to watch he puts on a good show, he has a great personality. He really puts on some good entertainment.
  13. Extremely sad, I wish their family the best.
  14. Thank you for the clarification. I always thought that there was more weight transferring in the backswing. Like an actual shift in weight from front to back then front again. I think thats why when I am preforming a centered hip turn it just feels so weird to me because I am always trying to transfer weight backwards.
  15. I feel like I am struggling with a centered hip turn while controlling the proper weight transfer in the backswing. If we say at address we are 50/50 weight on the left and right foot. In the backswing at the top what percentage of weight is on the back and front? I ask this weight transfer question due to working on improving my centered hip turn and stopping myself from swaying backward. I feel when I have a centered hip turn my weight is not transferring to my back foot properly. I feel it is like 35 percent on the front and 65 percent on the rear. When I do not have a centered hip turn and I am swaying I feel my weight is more like 10 percent front and 90 percent rear. What percentage is supposed to be on what foot at the top of the backswing? Another question I have is should your front foot heel stay on the ground or come off the ground in the backswing? I feel that when I have a centered hip turn my front foot heel stays on the ground, and I feel my weight transfer to my back foot is not enough. When I start to sway backward in my backswing my heels comes off the ground, but I feel like I get good weight transfer. Does this sound normal? Can anyone explain what I might be doing wrong or what I need to try?
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