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  1. 2017 Long Drive Championship - Final Round Coverage

    I enjoyed watching this, I couldn't believe the bounce the one girl got in the semifinals.I am not sure how they allowed that. There is no way it was natural for the ball to do that. It had to have hit something. Maurice Allen is entertaining to watch he puts on a good show, he has a great personality. He really puts on some good entertainment.
  2. Sad story about David Feherty's son

    Extremely sad, I wish their family the best.
  3. Thank you for the clarification. I always thought that there was more weight transferring in the backswing. Like an actual shift in weight from front to back then front again. I think thats why when I am preforming a centered hip turn it just feels so weird to me because I am always trying to transfer weight backwards.
  4. I feel like I am struggling with a centered hip turn while controlling the proper weight transfer in the backswing. If we say at address we are 50/50 weight on the left and right foot. In the backswing at the top what percentage of weight is on the back and front? I ask this weight transfer question due to working on improving my centered hip turn and stopping myself from swaying backward. I feel when I have a centered hip turn my weight is not transferring to my back foot properly. I feel it is like 35 percent on the front and 65 percent on the rear. When I do not have a centered hip turn and I am swaying I feel my weight is more like 10 percent front and 90 percent rear. What percentage is supposed to be on what foot at the top of the backswing? Another question I have is should your front foot heel stay on the ground or come off the ground in the backswing? I feel that when I have a centered hip turn my front foot heel stays on the ground, and I feel my weight transfer to my back foot is not enough. When I start to sway backward in my backswing my heels comes off the ground, but I feel like I get good weight transfer. Does this sound normal? Can anyone explain what I might be doing wrong or what I need to try?
  5. 2017 Open Championship at Royal Birkdale Discussion Thread

    I completely agree with this. Overall i I felt it was a great ending and enjoyed watching it.
  6. Tiger Troubles - DUI Arrest

    I wouldn't say that, I would say they need to have control measures in place in case something does happen.
  7. Tiger Troubles - DUI Arrest

    I never said it was not a crime, or even less of an offense. It was a crime and he should be held accountable like everyone else. I was just saying it was more so sad because of the drugs that caused him to do this. And as I told the person ^^ I do blame the drugs. I do not think it would be as sad if he was partying all night drinking with hookers. Then I would just be like whatever he made the decision to go do that not sad at all because he made the decision.
  8. Heel hitting the driver

    I am not an instructor For me what I notice when I heel the club is my balance is off in my swing. In my follow through I will be to far towards the ball and not towards the target. That is something that I notice with my swing.
  9. Tiger Troubles - DUI Arrest

    Yea, in this case I do blame the drugs. If he took drugs he was prescribed and this is what occurred, I would say its the drugs fault. If he is taking drugs that he is not prescribed then its his fault for making the decision to take them. For example when my mother in law takes Ambien, anything she does after she has taken it, she does not remember. My father in law has to keep her in the house and make sure she does not leave. When she calls in the evening the first thing we ask is have you taken your Ambien because if she says yes then we tell her we will talk to her tomorrow because she will not remember anything and talk crazy. Its not her making the decision, its the drugs. Drugs control peoples minds which controls their decisions.
  10. Tiger Troubles - DUI Arrest

    I completely agree, it was sad to see. He didn't even know where he was at. He thought he was in LA, going to Orange County. The reason it is so sad to me is because he was not out partying, drinking all night and screwing hookers. He was so high on narcotics that his brain couldn't even function properly. I don't think he put himself in a bad situation or made the decision to drive. He was just so high he couldn't even function. He probably didn't even know he was driving or had any reason to be driving.
  11. What Slope and Rating?

    Yea I normally just show up and play don't pay much attention to slope either. If the place has multipule courses I will always play the easier one. I just ask when making the tee time which one is easier. For example when I play up at Penn State I always play the white course because the blue course is harder.
  12. Vertical shaft at A4-A5 (top of backswing)

    @span3636 Below is my MySwing thread where you can see my swing. My most recent video is from February with an 8 Iron. I will have a lot of time this week to practice so I will update it with a few new videos by Friday. I would say my short game from 100 in is good. My most confident shot is from 100 yards. My short game struggles are distance control not really accuracy. I am always comfortable with my short game. I try not to over analyze my swing. Its just with my driver the ball starts straight then slices, to me that means an out to in swing because the face of the club is square because of how it is starting. I would call it a straight slice. My goal over the next few months is to hit more fairways.
  13. Stubborn Steepness

    I love this whole thread and it is amazing. I think more people need to read this thread. I feel like so many beginning golfers struggle to understand this and how it impacts what your ball does. Steepness is a problem I am struggling with. I am a little late to the party but something I did not see anyone talk about in the thread that has helped me is the weight transfer. I think weight transfer is extremely important because it frees up space behind you which allows your hands to drop/shallow out. If you don't transfer your weight forward to the target you won't free up the space behind you to allow the hands to shallow out. Thank you to everyone in this thread for the great information.
  14. Vertical shaft at A4-A5 (top of backswing)

    @RandallTThank you for linking that!
  15. So I think I hear a lot of stuff out there about how to get your shaft when at position a4-a5 more horizontal, to me I feel that means shallowing out your swing. To my understanding we dont want it vertical with the shaft pointing to the inside of the ball causing an out to in swing path. If I am wrong on anything I said above please correct me. I hear things like what I listed below as swing thoughts to help shallow out the swing. For a right handed golfer Point the shaft to the outside of the ball. Point your left wrist watch to the sky. Tuck your right elbow. Keep the right elbow tight to the body. Roll the right shoulder. In order to help shallow out the swing which swing thought above would be the best to think about? If you do not think any of them, what way would you describe it? I really need to post a new video to my swing thread, my last video is from last season.