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  1. I have been working on club focused instruction for a few years now. The basic premise of club focused instruction says that your body is smart enough to make the club move the way you want it to, once you know what that is. I love the concept of thinking about just swinging the club, and your body will respond to the movement. I largely believe in that, but not completely. After years of trying, that still wasn’t quite getting it. In my experience, my transition needed help. Things really need to work from the ground up, just as they do when we throw a ball or swing a racket. That’s where Erika’s teaching philosophy comes in. She too is a massive proponent of Ernest Jones (and others) ideas. But while our brain is really well adapted to producing the motions we want, apparently the golf motion still needs a little guidance. Erica takes the basic ideas of a swing as Ernest Jones describes (I highly recommend his “Swing The Clubhead”) and plugs in modern instruction and science to help better understand how we can create our own swing reality. Her drills are mostly motion type drills, and are easy to implement. If you buy her book, please do the drills, video yourself or get a video golf lesson with a pro before criticizing the book. I have had lessons with world renowned instructors (body as well as club focused) and read many golf instruction books and this was the first material I have read where I didn’t question anything I was reading. Her instruction is not a method. Her ideas apply to everyone. I think she nailed it! Oh, I have that transition business figured out now. Marcus
  2. I know this post is several months old, but I just finished watching Jim Hardy's video s
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