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  1. Been looking for this in SW for a while Contact ctharwell@gmail.com if you have one +
  2. Same conclusion as I reached with 508s I bought used MP57s for cheap though and love feel and look They need more playing/practice than I can spare however in order to strike consistently well, so my super game improvement clubs, are in my bag for now
  3. All of us super seniors seem to fight physical issues relative to golf ,in my experience , except my cousins husband who is healthy as a horse, or else he's too proud to admit it & flirts with scratch index, Damit. I tend to think your lady may be much smarter than we , but I still have enough testosterone left to keep me in the hunt for just a bit more yardage , please Roll Tide!
  4. Hattiesburg MS RTJ trail would be nice (may try the one in Mobile someday). but I have three decent public courses very close by so I don't travel the 100 + miles and spend the extra $$$ . Some very nice casino courses much closer on MS coast like Golden Bear and Fallen Oak, or Dancing Rabbit near Meridian, but with my game , laziness, and budget, haven't splurged on them, yet... Would be great to golf with you anytime you come this way Cellular 7082677137 UofA class of 68
  5. Diamond tour golf on internet sells Felon balls non conforming I bought a dozen for fun & like them... might help you out too I mostly have to play from geezer front tees but with these and a decent swing I play from members tees again when I feel lucky
  6. I'm 71 yrs old and like many geezers have lost driver distance. Have tried regaining some with several things: 1. Bought higher COR driver . 0.86 COR vs. USGA max of 0.83. TaylorMade R7 Quad with Max on face. My swing speed of 85 ish didn't work with it. I had considered getting one with shaved face, but heard they may crack and still need higher swing speeds 2. Bought Cleveland ultralight 270 gram club with 1" longer 42 g Myazaki shaft . Went from 205 to 215+, but now fighting slice 3. Went back to my pro fitted Ping G15. Must be swinging better because getting near 230 again with it 55g stock Ping shaft 4, plan to work with both maybe add lead tape to hossel area of Cleveland to help with slice Good luck keep us posted
  7. Go for them if you're pretty sure they fit your needs , But keep the Pings , just in case if you can Honeymoons with new clubs can be short and you might be wishing for those easy-to-use Pings again Every golfer NEEDS a spare set or two or three ... Your buddy may visit and need to borrow a set of them to play with you , you know ?
  8. I traded my TM 300 forged off & got beautiful looking srixon 508s forged CBS thinking they'd be at least forgiving as my TMs. 9 (LOOK ED LIKE Scratch CB Irons )Had them bent to spec. 1. I noted really clicky sound on impact 2. Sweet spot very small 3. Required steeper attack angle 4. Too much club for me 5. Step less REG FLEX Rifle shaft wasn't like DG feel, at all, also not for me 6. Sold them 7. Now have sweet feeling Mizzy mp57s which I only play occasionally because I only play maybe 2x a month now & can't grove a good swing with so little play 8. Game SGI WilsonDeepRedII with graphite fat shaft until I can play more also 71 yrs old so they give a club more distance, especially not catching sweet spot consistently
  9. Nice looking Mazda ... HATE Mopar, got out run on top end in my little Sunbeam Tiger way back then, by hemi cuda back roads frm Tuscaloosa to Mobile. It should have been Snake Stabler, not me, the Bama boosters got him a new 427 Vette, think he could have handled the Cuda. maybe... Times they are a changin You have brush tees and ball retriever?
  10. Hi, I'm Conrad and I'm also a golf addict. Obsessive compulsive seems to run in my family so I'm excused? Can't get my kids hooked on golfing, hugely disappointed, but should probably be relieved good luck with your kids btw Roll Tide
  11. Thanks for welcome to site Hoping for lots of fun and maybe even figure out a way to change index lower than 95. Need to find time once a week to chase that back down to 80 somehow . Sometimes I think I I'll go back to work so I can take it easy Bought a fixer upper house and I'm no Bob Villa. I'm nothing I f not persistent though, so if I last I'll get r done. Any of you folks that happen through Hattiesburg MS wanting a round , I'd be glad to play . Not a club member so I just do the public tracks locally . They're usually not too busy except weekends. Thanks for welcome to TST y'all . ROLL TIDE !
  12. Been lurking too long Jumping in Retired chemist in Hattiesburg MS 71 yrs old Waited to 65 to try golf , should have waited longer ... Much longer Seriously though , it keeps me saner than I would have been See you in the forums, classifieds
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