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  1. Many thanks for the detailed response, I completely agree the main issue I have currently is I'm trying to fix all of the problems I have in one go ie left knee internally rotating causing loss of height, overswing, steepening on downswing, EE, high handle and speed of swing which is basically impossible and proven with me not improving what so ever in years. The last lesson I had a few months back basically eluded to the my left knee collapsing/loss of height is the main cause for the rubbish that happens after it. The only drill given was to practice practice swings with a club in between my
  2. I''ll give this video a watch thanks, as for the free help I've always just assumed people would help if they feel they want to not decide based on my little activity on the site.
  3. Apologies but I don't post much on many media platforms at all whether it be golf or day to day life.... I'm unsure what you mean by losing flex in my right leg could you elaborate slightly?
  4. Good evening all, I thought I would provide an update on where I'm at with my game following on from my original post months ago. As you can see from the vid below I'm still suffering from the same problems I highlighted previously despite my handicap reducing to 10. From the lessons I've been having the main point which I'm mostly struggling with is how to shallow the shaft on the downswing. On every one of my swings I will drag the handle steeply down accompanied with massive early extension resulting in huge clubface issues. Being inside the plane roughly 5 degrees on average now means
  5. I wasn't aware you had to post in other topics to get some feedback on a swing haha, and yes I know it's hard to believe but I struggle with all 3 of those shots 80% or so either being a push slice or a straight block... My biggest issue is honestly trying to maintain height in my golf swing but I can't seem to find any drill/aid to help keep my head much more still on the backswing
  6. I've been Playing Golf for: 13 Years My current handicap index or average score is: 12 My typical ball flight is: Very High The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Push Slice/Pull Hook/Block As the above says I have been playing golf consistently for over 13 years and for the past 5 or so years since my swing speed/height has increased I have lost any control over the clubface/tempo and my swing. I've probably been to see 8 coaches in the past few years who all tell me different things however my most recent which I believe is the root cause of my major inconsiste
  7. That's 100% of my bad shots, as I mentioned before I have hit 2 fairways in total the past few rounds, my great drive is a slight draw.... For definite the bias is towards leaving the face open but I always thought a block/snap hook is caused by an in-out swing path and either hanging back or flipping the hands over. The block slice I assume is the same but I also leave the clubface open as I drop the club so far inside on the downswing? I'm unsure whether I'm trying to hit up I don't do it intentionally anyway.... My ball position is usually just inside my left foot.
  8. With a driver I suffer from the following 3 bad shots and the % likelihood: 1) Push slice - 50% (minimum 100 yards right) 2) Block - 30% (roughly 40 yards right) 3) Snap Hook - 20% (whenever it hits trouble) Coincidentally with irons I can quite easily achieve all 3 above along with a straight pull which I never do with a driver. Sadly I have all 4 horrible shots in the locker some of which are completely uncorrelated with each other leading me to believe there's something fundamentally wrong with the setup/clubface at impact. In answer to the question I can push slic
  9. Here is a link to a video where I hit a sharp snap hook on the range, the ball after was the usual block with an iron, and yes my short game I consider to be that of a low single figure golfer I just can't seem to get the ball off the tee, as evidenced the past 2 rounds of golf I have hit 2 fairways in total... As shown on the video I can clearly see numerous faults with my swing such as head ducking on the downswing, feet off the ground, path to in to out and clubface closed but are these all interconnected or just different errors all amounting to these wildly eratic shots? Any help is much
  10. Hi all, I have been playing golf since I was around 12 and have struggled in the past few years especially in getting the ball off the tee with the most destructive tee shots in golf I suffer from massive block slices with the driver which can result in the ball starting at least 100 yards right of target and ending up about 150 yards right (serious) or the opposite, the ball starts slightly left, travels around 150 yards and viciously hooks into trouble (shot shown in the video - apologies for slow mo). To add to the issue I can sometimes just block the driver with no slice and with
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