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  1. I think its just the angle of the camera throwing off your perspective
  2. Well me and my teammate (+3HCP) took 1st place low gross in our tournament last weekend with a 58! Even though it was a scramble we both played really well and went 14 under... Ive been putting in some serious work and had some help from a good local pro as well and im pretty content with my swing at the moment.
  3. I have an LG G5 phone running android so i cant do the apple watch.. But what is GG?
  4. I had the ozik red tie mfs 60 stiff in my driver for a lil while until i got my motore f1 x-stiff 70 gram shaft back from my bro in law and it was a decent shaft but a lil too lite for my taste but if you do want to change it and dont want to buy a new adapter hit me up and ill walk you through it bud.. Its not that hard but it can be a lil nerve racking the first time you do it
  5. Ive had the itch to get my hands on one of these bad boys because ive been using the grint app on my phone and its a lil cumbersome and was wondering if any of you fine gents have any recommendations as to a particular one
  6. You have a good looking swing brotha.. From your first videos to your last its very apparent youve put in some real work.. Not that your first ones were bad by any means, i thought you had a bad ass swing in those too but in the last ones everything just looks tighter.. Does that make sense? I guess what im trying to say is you look solid brotha.. You have a swing just like my bro in law... Its crazy.. Same grip same follow through.. He hits into a lil more of a stiffer left leg but all in all very similar.. And he is carrying a 3 hcp at the moment so id say thats a good thing
  7. Roger that Dave... Although im pretty new to the forum i am definitely enjoying the camaraderie and definitly look forward to engaging in all the areas of discussion one can find here.. I'm a father of 3 lil ones so uninterrupted time is a hot commodity around this joint but you can be sure that ill be making an apperance in many other areas.. Thanks for having me Dave.. It's nice to meet your acquaintance
  8. Your spot on with the less agressive swing better transition statement.. Im trying to stay smooth.. The ball flight in those videos was almost as you described.. I hit a low/mid penetrating shot with a good bit of run out averaging around 285 yds sometimes 300+ with a king cobra f6 set at 10.5* driven by a motore f1 70gram x-stiff shaft.. Although it might have appeared to have a touch of a fade im actually drawing the ball about 5 to 10 yards
  9. Thanks Phil .. Ya Schmuck! Hahaha.. Yeah im pretty aware theres no overnight swing fix.. I was just trying to get a few good ideas of what areas could use some improvement and maybe a few pointers on things i could do to help me minimize my misses.. That and ive always been curious if my swing was decent looking or not. Yeah yeah i get it.. Post in other areas..
  10. Thanks carpe..hey i used the swing thought you recommended about my right foot stayin planted better and HOLY S#*T! It led to one of the best days at the range than ive had in a loooong time! Thanks for your help bro! Thanks Mvmac for taking a look.. I know it looks like im trying to stick my tailbone out but thats my natural posture.. I have a slight degenerative disc due to my tailbone being lifted but I'm working on it.. I try to tuck my hips under most days but sometimes i forget, but i did work on my posture yesterday and had a great day.. Heres some more swings from then.
  11. Thanks c rat.. I apprciate all the help.. From everyone for that matter.. Im playing in a tournament this sunday and hope i can get back on track by then..
  12. Those are word for word the exact two bad shots i have at the moment.. Pull hook and a push slice.. Its driving me crazy.. Im gonna focus on getting my weight posted into my left leg better
  13. Ok... My hips spinning out throwing me on an out to in path correct? I had a feeling this was a problem but my brother in law kept telling me, "man you need to turn your hips more." i look at the videos and think.. Really? Cuz it looks like everything is way behind my hips
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