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  1. not sure about other places, but the ones ive been to have never been over 250
  2. nothing golf related, but DID get the one thing I asked for, money to spend on my New Years cruise!
  3. ballhog

    The Hammer

    Yea I saw the one for the "new"? HammerX yesterday.....why does it seem like these infomercials were filmed decades ago? So old school just like his haircut
  4. Based on what I play and what i've seen others play there is NO RELATION between the quality of clubs and HI. The only correlation I can see is the different TYPE of irons etc., not the quality of clubs though.
  5. ballhog

    Iron Covers?

    I find it funny how so many people on this board preach about how players need to uphold the gentlemanly "integrity" of this sport yet are sitting at their computers calling people "gay" for using something meant to prolong the life of their very expensive clubs. I was under the impression that only childish high school kids used that term in that way.
  6. lets not confuse people even further here, you just mentioned that the LASER grooves wore off in three days, this is already confusing people and putting a bad reputation out there, lets just make sure that people understand that it is NOT the zip grooves that wore out so fast...
  7. cant really make a judgment on that alone though, this is the internet.... and on the whole vokey v. cleveland debate that will continue on for years to come, you kinda just need to get out and demo the clubs, noone can really tell you more than you could get off the manufacturer's website through a computer.
  8. some of you guys are obviously a little too uptight to have fun on the course, but if you can do it consistently, forget what type of course you're on, you paid your money just like everyone else Go for it, have some fun, don't let tightass marshalls or anyone else ruin your round
  9. I'm not sure what you mean by that question..... but I am considering these wedges because of the nice, big channels and new lines etched into the face of the wedges.... i'm not sure if you're implying that these are the new "tour conforming grooves" or not, but they're not. I dont see the text bothering me, wouldnt take long to get over if the club works like it should, its just a little text...
  10. Honestly, I just stick my Iphone in the cupholder and put my whole song list on shuffle.... everything from Marvin Gaye to Dave Matthews to Gucci Mane. Sometimes I just go without the music when it feels right
  11. I took it this way.... would I rather play twice at a nicely kept course half the times I could play a shitty course.......(keep in mind that the only muni here Is complete garbage)....and when it comes to putting on the "greens" at the muni here, well i'll play half as much and get to enjoy something nicer all day man
  12. I always, always, always play worse when Im with bad players, and better when with good players
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