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  1. Every year I play the US Midam qualifier somewhere within driving distance of the San Francisco bay area, but this year I wanted to branch out to see if I could combine vacation time with tournament golf. I don't mind making a road trip if it means I can play a course that has a good reputation and brings me somewhere I've never been before. Mix in some good food and I'll go about anywhere. Wanted to start this thread to create discussion for others that play in the national qualifiers and have suggestions for the courses in their local area. Currently I'm looking at the US 4-ball qu
  2. Of course it would. The point of me asking was so maybe I could go in and request certain shafts depending on what people may or may not suggest here. Making an educated decision is a little more helpful when you have some insight from those with first hand experience.
  3. I play the Callaway RAZR Fit Extreme Driver with the stock 65g S shaft, but I'm looking to replace it with some form of upgraded shaft since I need something a little more consistent. The little adjustment piece on the head of my driver broke so I figured this would be a good time to just replace the shaft also, but not sure what to get. The stock shaft just feels a little too whippy and I think I need something that's a little more stick to swing. The thing is that I'm in between a heavy S or a light X, but I think going with a 65-72 g stiff is probably more fitting since my swing sp
  4. Hope I'm not intruding, not sure if this is for a specific league, but I have a question that you guys may be able to help me out with. My league is set up where every team has 11 players and you start 7 each week. On my bench is Tim Clark who has been non-existent so far this year and I don't know if I should just drop him for someone else or keep him riding the pine until he shows up. I know he withdrew due to injury in Hawaii, but I haven't seen any updates since then. Anyone know what his deal is? Guy has turned into a ghost!
  5. So my buddy bought a long putter off ebay couple weeks ago and I tried it out a bit on the putting green last Saturday. My goodness, no wonder every player is switching to one these days. I have always been hesitant in using one just because I have had difficulty with feel any time I've tried one before, but maybe it was just finally using one that was the right length, because now I see how useful they really are. Buddy told me Dave Love III uses one just for practice, then switches back to his normal short putter for the round. Haven't done any research on that, but I think he's on
  6. So with all the wind they'll be seeing the first couple days, anyone think they'll be guys at a disadvantage now? I think McDowell and Oosthuizen might make a little extra noise considering they've been playing well of late and can play in the wind, Rory jumps up my list some more considering the damp conditions. Any big names that don't play the best in the wind to rule out? Thoughts?
  7. PS...forgot to ask of other similar stories people have had. Maybe its been a simple tip someone else could try or a new drill?
  8. Had to just share this somewhere, I'm sure most everyone has had this feeling at least once and for some many times during their golfing life. Today was one of those days that reminded me why I love this game so much and has me itching to hit a golf ball as soon as possible again. I've been really struggling with my irons of late (and driver now that I think about it), not thinking my grips were making that big of a difference. Boy was I wrong. Went and re-gripped my clubs last night since I've got a tournament this weekend, then played about 7 holes this afternoon on an empty course
  9. Looks like the round was played quite some time ago, but I've got a good story (won't sound very good initially) about Poppy Hills that involves me hitting my playing partner with my drive. Was there about 8 months ago with a co-worker, we took the day off and made the drive down from SF for the day. I'm playing the back tees and he's playing the middle tees, our round is going well, sun is just coming out and he made 4 pars in a row, having a pretty good round so far. On #9, the back tee is set back about 35-40 yds in the trees, as I walk back to hit my tee ball my friend just waits next t
  10. Pasatiempo Golf Club in Santa Cruz is also a course with greens that will make you scratch your head if you're not putting yourself in the correct places on your approach shots. Awesome golf course, but very demanding on the greens. Also a MacKenzie design. There's also a course close by to where I grew up in the bay area, Peacock Gap, that redid their greens a few years back and turned most of the green complexes into miniature golf. Here's a link with some pictures and explanations of the changes they made. You can see in a few of the pictures some extreme examples of how an archi
  11. For me, I prefer fast greens because thats a sign that its a course thats taken care of well and is a good test of your abilities. I agree with the points above where the 5-10 footers are easier since you're taking a shorter stroke, making it fun to be able to score a little better. However, because I'm not the best putter I struggle on fast greens and can think of a few tournaments I've played in that I've struck the ball very well and just completely thrown away a round because I suck at putting on the fast greens. You really have to have your stroke dialed in and this is what makes the p
  12. In stroke play, a player’s tee shot came to rest on the putting green. In making a practice swing, he accidentally strikes the ball and moves it six inches to the right of its original location. The player makes a stroke at the ball from its new position into the hole. What is the ruling?
  13. Thinking about heading down to watch some of tomorrow's practice round since one of my buddies is working the driving range, but I noticed they're having the pro-am tomorrow along with the rest of player's practice rounds I would assume? Am I right, do players not playing in the pro-am still play a practice round before/after the pro-am's usually? I told my buddy I would go down one of the days this week while he was there, can't make Thursday but I don't really want to go down tomorrow if there's going to be minimal pro golf to watch. Any insight would help, thanks.
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