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  1. Thank you. And the fact is he never asked for anything except if 70 was a fair price. When he asked for opinions that was in regards to the price. That 70 is a fair price whether the buyer is a 3 or 38 handicap or 98 in a wheelchair. That is how the market works.
  2. This is an anonymous forum and that is what you got for me? I made my point. Now carry on with your message and keep telling yourself it's for the good of the game. As long as you believe what else matters? If I were to say you're a jerk, that doesn't mean you're a jerk. Likewise because you say I'm offended, doesn't mean I am. I just questioned why he had to bring up handicap when it didn't matter. When you are on the course or the range and you see someone struggling, do you proceed to grill them for the poor selection of clubs? Of course not. So why must you do that in here when it was never asked?
  3. You agree with my point but can't see how that response was irrelevant? He simply wanted an opinion of value and that is what he got until these comments of blades being for others. Not everyone is asking for club fitting advice, forum is open to a number of topics that don't require the skill level of the OP. This is one of those times.
  4. You just had to throw the handicap comment in there didn't you? Please explain your point because he didn't ask for your opinion of him wanting a set of blades. His question had to do with it being a fair deal or not. Glad you at least admit it's a fair price but stop thinking anyone gives a flip about your opinion of who should play certain types of clubs. Good grief, some of you are really beyond belief.
  5. 70 dollars is a good deal for blades in decent condition. Usually pawn shops have nothing but junk clubs. I buy a cheap graphite club for 5 dollars to practice sawing graphite. So finding a hittable club is a real treat. Just make sure whatever wear it shows is consistent with regular use. Like most things used, a reasonable assessment of the previous owner can be just as important as the item itself.
  6. Well this thread is interesting for a few not even in the market for the club. You are making a wise decision to wait it out.
  7. I recommend shaft extensions. In all seriousness if you like those irons I would leave them alone for now and work on your swing using the 7 and 6 iron. If you are using newer irons then the 6 & 7 are very good practice irons. It might be trying a different shaft later will give you more help with those longer irons. But from a swing development perspective I wouldn't recommend using clubs altered in that fashion.
  8. Alpha Reaction with a no longer made Penley Stealth 70 has worked very well, mostly as a tee club. On the grass I could never get the consistency of the range to translate on course. But that has been the case my whole life and why I have always preferred the long irons over chancing the fw. It always made sense to carry because I always used it for tee shots more than the driver. 20 years ago the real question for me woukd have been why do I carry the driver? But not so today and I amstarting to rethink my 3 wood selection. I have a Bang Mellow Yellow 3 wood head I am going to shaft this Spring. We will see how this goes. I think it's going to be a hit.
  9. Even if you went into a better store you would still have the same problem finding what you want. Gi's are the rage. I'm in the Hou area and I have been to every store looking for the Tour 100. I finally found a 5 iron head in a fitters cabinet. Compared to what I have I was not overly impressed and just gave up. Try what others have suggested and maybe you could find a demo day nearby.
  10. I would just try and find comparative shaft if you can't find the original. I would not buy used. If that doesn't work then I would consider a new head. Unless you are committed to the OEM's, there are options out there that perform as well and are not as costly.
  11. Did Rush mention anything about cost? As much as I think Rush has a wonderful personality when he is NOT talking politics, the fact that it's all he does(I distinguish between politics and issue oriented talk radio) is why I don't listen to him much, even though he has no competition during the 11-2 lunch hour. So this is news to me. I won't research further because the price from the above post is more than I care to pony up. But it just might be a nice option for others.
  12. I wonder if responses like this are part of why this site has the least traffic of all the boards I watch, golf or other interests included? This place is like a ghost town in comparison. What is troubling you so? You sound like quite the charm.
  13. Glad you got it figured out. The simulaters can be a great tool to moniter progress, but only if we can reach some accuracy. I used it two times, not with my clubs, just playing around with what they had. Got some useful driver information but thats pretty much it. Maybe the day is coming when these are standard on the grass ranges with much more depentable machines?
  14. Oh I thought maybe you had data from prior sessions to compare with this. Sorry.
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